Shadow of War trailer shows its more varied open world

Monolith Productions has released a new trailer for its upcoming Shadow of Mordor sequel, Shadow of War, showcasing more of the varied world of the second game in the series. While still set in the confines of Mordor, the new game has players fighting through and over snowy peaks, industrialized cities and orc settlements, as well as big Gondor strongholds.

This should make the game a little more interesting to look at throughout its run time, as while the original game did sport a couple of different settings, it didn't really branch out from the standard Mordor ruins. This new game looks to have at least five distinct landscape to explore, as well as a variety of much larger cities and locations, as well as a larger number of them.

Along with the open world showcase, this trailer also highlights some more in-game action, giving us a look at how Talion might bring the fight to various orcish enemies, as well as the differences in those orcs themselves. There are no albino variants, as well as new tattoos and styling choices by the denizens of Mordor.

The trailer not only tells players to Dominate the Open World, but also that nothing will be forgotten, hinting at some further elements of the story which we have yet to explore. Presumably, it's something from Talion's past, but it could also be something from Celebrimbor or Sauron himself.

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