Signal from Tolva gameplay trailer showcases robotic combat

Signal from Tolva gameplay trailer showcases robotic combat

The Signal from Tolva is an interesting space faring FPS title, which will see you take on the role of a robotic ship captain, exploring the galaxy. As you travel from planet to planet, you'll encounter procedural AI robots that you can interact with, befriend, work together with and ultimately fight against when you find some hostiles.

You can shoot them down, blow them up or even hack them if you take over local broadcast stations. You'll need to do that too, as you'll need help taking down the bunkers which litter the worlds and act as strongholds where you can repair and retool, as well as concentrate your forces for larger assaults.

Different loadouts are possible, with various shotguns, rifles, sub-machine guns - all with various spacey paint jobs and aesthetics to suit the theme. There's armour, shields, secondary weapons and drones that can augment your ability, to make it possible to take over other robots in the field.

That's important, as the dynamic battles are complex and difficult, requiring tactical and strategic play to overcome. There's deployable turrets, base defences, drop pods and more to contend with as you make your way through the game's various environments, before hopping back in your ship and heading off somewhere new.

All the while, you'll be pursuing the signal, a mysterious communication that holds untold secrets.

Set to release in 2017, the Signal from Tolva will be available on Windows PC and OSX.