From Software's Elden Ring will include large-scale, open areas

Elden Ring, the Souls-alike game from series innovator, From Software with aide from the writer of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. Martin, is a large, open sandbox game but with the typical boss-slaying formula of Dark Souls games. Think Shadow of the Colossus, but much, much darker.

We caught our first glimpse of the game in its E3 reveal trailer, where we learned that it was being helmed by industry veteran Hidetaka Miyazaki and a few more details have trickled out since. Elden Ring will be the largest game From Software has ever made, creating an entire realm which will have deep and historied lore behind it. A bloody one at that, we're told.

Martin has helped craft the mythos in this world, and it will be up to players to discover it as the make their way across the expansive landscape, slaying enemies and monsters as they go. There won't be large, living, breathing settlements, but there will be the ruins of them, with an ancient world ravaged by tragedy, that can perhaps only be saved by the reforming of an ancient power.

The large, open spaces will lend themselves to a new form of Souls-alike combat too.

Elden Ring doesn't yet have a release date, but when it does arrive, it will come to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. Considering it may debut in 2020, it could even prove to be one of the first cross-generation releases.

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