Sony Asks For Restraining Order Against PS3 Hackers

Just two days after playing down the hack, Sony filed a request with a U.S. district court asking for a temporary restraining order against fail0verflow team members as well as GeoHot.

In the complaint, filed Tuesday by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), the company asked for a restraining order against George "Geohot" Hotz, the "hacking group" fail0verflow (Hector Cantero, Sven Peter, "Bushing," and "Segher"), and numerous John / Jane Does. The legal reasons given in the complaint are "violations of Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, various copyright infringements, and other acts of malfeasance."

The complaint is not a lawsuit per se, as it doesn't ask for any accusation or punishment beyond a temporary restraining order forcing the defendants to remove all tools and instructions regarding the exploit from their websites.

It is doubtful that such paper work would be enough to put the Genie back into the bottle.

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