Sony Registers Console War Movie Domains

Console War

The film production arm of Sony, Sony Pictures Entertainment, has registered a whole host of new domain names, all of which revolve around the phrase "Console War Movie."

It's been speculated by a couple of other sites that this could be some sort of big reveal for the next generation PlayStation, crafting some sort of fictional 'war' between the big three companies, in what is essentially an overblown bit of marketing spin. Then again, it could be in the same vein, but be some sort of alternate reality game (ARG), similar to the very in-depth hints and clues unveiled by Valve around the time of Portal 2's release build up.

However it's also been pointed out that since Sony Computer Entertainment - the main gaming branch of the firm - doesn't have anything to do with the registrations, perhaps this could be a full scale movie.

Of course it's all speculation at this point and all we have to go on is the list of domains. Speaking of which:

What do you guys think? Marketing spin? Or full blown movie? Hey, maybe Sony bought the rights to the AVGN film.?