Star Citizen Fundraising Crests $7 Million, New Screens Shown

Star Citizen

Next gen space sim Star Citizen has continued to be funded after its Kickstarter ended, leading to it topping $7 million at the end of last week. This cause for celebration saw the creator release some new renders of a space-craft that's in the works at the moment - known as the Freelancer - and it looks very pretty indeed.

"Greetings, Citizens! We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve passed 100,000 pledges and approaching $7 million in total! The amount of support the community has given us in getting this game’s development started has been incredible; we won’t disappoint you!" At the time of writing the total has now breached 7 million by a further $30,000.

This puts Star Citizen front and centre as the most highly funded game through fan support, ever. It smashes the $4 million record previously held by Project Eternity, Unfortunately this has led to certain rewards getting delayed, however when there's almost 35,000 applicable pledges, it's understandable that it might take a bit of time for the creators to get around to everyone.

Considering the early nature of the images of the space craft being revealed too, the visuals are quite impressive. A video has also been released - available here - that shows how the ships within the game are moving from concept, through to the fully designed model.

So how many of you old Freelancer fans kicked into this one?