Star Points Can Be Swapped To Wii Points Now

Star Points Can Be Swapped To Wii Points Now

The Stars Catalogue is a catalogue of the items which are available through European Nintendo customer loyalty scheme.

Items from the Stars catalogue can be purchased in exchange for star points, which are points awarded for the purchase of first-party hardware and titles. Stars are also awarded for the purchase of certain third-party titles. Other methods of obtaining stars include participating in surveys, inviting others to become a member and even simply visiting a web site.

Initially, stars could only be used to purchase digital content such as backgrounds, stationary templates and music. However, limited quantities of physical items were periodically added, such as clothes, games and consoles (though, Nintendo of Europe sometimes require purchases of consoles to be subsidised with currency).

But yesterday, Nintendo relaunched its European site and added a Club Nintendo section which lets you swap your Star points for good gifts like Nintendo keyrings, a golden Zelda statue and other Nintendo memorabilia.

Better yet, now you can swap your star points to Wii points which can be used on the Wii Shop Channel to download Virtual Console titles.

Four star points are worth 1 Wii Point, but they are available only in set of 400 Stars for 100 Wii points, 1200 for 300, 2000 for 500 and 4000 for 1000. A maximum of two Wii Points Cards can be purchased per day per account.