Starcraft and Brood War expansion now free for all

Blizzard's most classic of strategy titles, the original Starcraft and its Brood War expansion, have received their first update in eight years and along with fixing a bunch of bugs, it's made the games entirely free.

Blizzard has promised to make the games free earlier this year with the announcement of the remastered, 4K compatible version, but we didn't know it was going to go so far as to update a number of the game's facets and features to make them more contemporary and easy to use.

The big changes coming to both versions of the RTS title include fixes for LAN game discovery and the removal of IME support and other text artefacts from the era of matchmaking, as well as a problem with palette issues and a few graphical glitches.

New features coming as part of the update include new windows fullscreen support, cursor clamping when windowed, a list of popular maps when finding games, the option to display an actions per minute number, a new spectator mode and added UPnP to support more modern networking hardware.

There are also new anti-cheat measures, better compatibility with modern operating systems and overall improved performance. We're also told that version 1.19 won't be that far away and it will add a new profile section.

You can download StarCraft and Brood War for PC or Mac, right now.

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