Study: One Third Of 3DS Owners Regret Buying It Early

Despite being compensated by 20 free games, some of them exclusive, a survey found that more than 30% of Nintendo 3DS owners fell angry and regret buying it before the price drop.

Japanese games site 4Gamer surveyed 6,500 3DS owners to reach that verdict.

The survey also found that 49.4% of the respondents believe that the current Nintendo 3DS games lineup is not adequate and that they feel disappointed with the system and its upcoming games that have been announced so far.

Surprisingly, 45.7% of the respondents indicated that they are either not planning, or on the fence about buying Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 when they are released.

As for those who don't own a 3DS yet, only 5.4% stated that the price drop has swayed them into buying one while 15.3% said that they would never buy one anyway. Another 42.1% of the respondents who don't own a 3DS blamed the disappointing games lineup for delaying their purchase decision.

More worrying for Nintendo, 65.2% of that last group indicated that they will "probably" buy a PlayStation Vita when it is released this year.

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