Tell Capcom if you want Dragon's Dogma 2 DLC with an online survey

Tell Capcom if you want Dragon's Dogma 2 DLC with an online survey

Dragon's Dogma 2, despite being one of the most critically acclaimed launches of 2024, has had something of a messy opening with consumers. Sure, the game itself is generally beloved, but Capcom's actions elsewhere have left people cold. So it's with something of a sheepish air that the company is approaching DLC — to the point where it's using an online survey to poll fans as to whether they'd buy more content or not.

News in brief

  • Capcom is asking players in a survery whether they want Dragon's Dogma 2 DLC
  • This is causing many to speculate the backlash may be making Capcom hesitant
  • The game has had many issues, much of it surrounding the controversial microtransactions


The survey is intended to ask Dragon's Dogma 2 players about what they do and don't enjoy about the game, and there's also a little tangent where they ask where players got their information about the game itself — a small nod to the ongoing fracas around the game. But the most interesting portion is the question which asks "would you be interested in purchasing DLC for Dragon's Dogma 2"? Normally, a game launch this massive would be a shoe-in for ongoing content packs (unless the game's name is "Baldur's Gate 3", of course), so the fact Capcom is asking is perhaps indicative it's worried about the backlash the game has received.

But what is the backlash, exactly? In essence, the game has been rammed to the brim with microtransactions. Or has it? There's some confusion about the state of the game's additional content, and this is very clearly contributing to the negative reaction from the gaming community. At the moment, the game sits at a "Mixed" review score on Steam, and most of that ire is directed at the microtransactions available to purchase. In-game items like Wakestones, which are used to bring people back to life, are available for purchase, and while all of the items that can be bought can also be earned in game, it doesn't sit well with a lot of gamers that this is an option. It feels predatory, and that's a big no-no for many. Perhaps most egregiously, the character editor is sat behind a paywall, which many are upset about.

Those who love this game, and there are a lot of them, are clearly happy to keep on playing, and it's likely those people will buy the DLC, no matter any continued uproar. If you want to contribute to Capcom's survey, you can access it here. You'll get a digital wallpaper for completing it, which is ... nice?