Is There a Problem with ATI

Is There a Problem with ATI

Recent reports from many reviewers have generated suspicion about ATI performance in three applications and have even gone so far as to suggest that the Canadian graphics firm may be using dodgy means in order to gain speed.

ATI immediately responded, claiming that these reports are not only unfounded but that some, let's say, major rival is still taking stabs at them.

The stories concern Unreal Tournament 2003, Halo the DX9 PC port and the Aquamark 3 DX9 benchmark.

In a statement to the inquirer ATI claim allegations very seriously and we (ATI) are distressed by the implication that we are cheating our customers.

According to ATI then, in UT2003, a bug was discovered that affects image quality in benchmarks and in the game. ATI says This is a known issue that has been recognized by both ATI and Epic as a bug and ATI is not cheating in any way in this application.

According to ATI the Halo, issue is non-existant as its cards show better picture quality for rendering than its competitor.

To demonstrate that they are taking allegations seriously, ATI did not dismiss the Aquamark 3 issue, even though the developer is happy with ATI's rendering. Instead the company say they are investigating the matter.

ATI also commented on the spread of these stories in a somewhat controversial way, we are disappointed that certain media outlets chose to perpetuate the allegations, made originally by a competitor, in their articles without an understanding of what was happening and without contacting us for comment.