Thumper rhythm game is coming to PSVR

Thumper rhythm game is coming to PSVR

Trade shows are a great place to spot some of the new and upcoming games from various developers around the world, especially if you look to the indie section, where marketing budgets don't always extend its influence to your demographic. That was the case when this writer visited a UK games show last year, where a curiously unmanned stall for a game called Thumper could be found.

Thumper is a rhythm game not too dissimilar to Audiosurf, but with a foreboding, Lovecraftian feel to it. You'll need to hit beats in time, dodge obstacles and bask in the glory of the stunning visuals.

And soon you'll be able to do it in virtual reality too, as Thumper is being made with PlayStation VR in mind.

"At first we weren’t sure whether Thumper would be a good fit for VR," developer Drool said. "We’ve spent the past few years making Thumper the most intense two-dimensional experience possible. Wouldn’t a VR version just be too intense? Well, we can confirm that not only is it intense, it’s completely overwhelming!"

Indeed I can imagine that being the case, as even not knowing the controls or anything about Thumper, it drew me in with its exciting take on the Rhythm genre. Here's hoping it makes its way to Vive and Rift VR too.