Tomb Raider is going to get a Netflix anime series

Tomb Raider is going to get a Netflix anime series

Tomb Raider is the latest gaming franchise set to be given the Netflix anime treatment, following on from popular predecessors like Dragons Dogma and Castlevania. Set to be written by The Witcher: Blood Origin writer, Tash Huo, the series will take place after the latest reboot series of games, following along right behind Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

The series will reportedly not have any connection to the recent Tomb Raider movie, letting that remain as a standalone experience for those that enjoy it. It will likely draw some inspiration from it, however, as it was seen as a positive direction for the heroine's look.

Netflix has had a string of successes with anime properties over the years, so based on popular manga, others on video games. Knights of Sidonia and BLAME! received solid treatments for their respective source materials, and Castlevania and Dragons Dogma have drawn praise for the visuals and way they've been adapted.

Presumably the Tomb Raider series will take on a similar visual style as those aforementioned series, although with a much more Western base for the core art style of the games, it may have a slightly different feel to it in the final cut.

Another popular movie franchise is also getting the Netflix anime treatment in the near future: Kong: Skull Island. That series will sit right between the 2017 movie of the same name, and the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong movie set to release in 2021.