Ubisfot CFO Suggests No Relation Between Ratings And Sales

Speaking at the UBS Annual Global Media Conference, Ubisoft CFO, Alain Martinez expected Prince Of Persia to sell around 3 million units. He then warned that it is still too early to make a definite projection on overall sales of the game.

The latest Prince Of Persia has been welcomed with overall positive reviews, but Martinez believes that Ubisoft products have frequently not seen as strong a correlation between sales and ratings as the company has predicted.

"To be honest, when Assassin's Creed launched and got 82 percent, we were desperate, and we thought we were going to die," he recalled. But the game ended up being a runaway hit, exceeding five million units by some reports.

"If you look at our first Prince of Persia [Sands of Time], we thought it was going to do great," he added, "[but] it did two million, so we were kind of disappointed."

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