Ubisoft Is Changing Its Anti-Piracy Tactics To Be More Friendly

It seems that the idea of making legitimate customers' experience better than that of the pirates has finally reached Ubisoft.

As usual with Ubisoft, everything revolves around fighting piracy. The new initiative, championed by the company's vice president Chris Early aims to do so by adding companion services like mobile and social hooks to keep users invested in legit copies.

"The question is, with enough on-going content development, content release, engagement at the community level, can we create that kind of MMO value system?" said Early. "I think we can. As the rest of the game industry continues to evolve, the more you hear more about cloud gaming, the more you hear about companion gaming, the less a pirated game should work in all of that environment. So, therefore the value of that pirated content becomes less."

"Will some people still pirate? Yeah, they will. Will the person who really wants that broad experience pirate? We hope not."

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