Valheim Legends mod adds 6 character classes

Valheim Legends mod adds 6 character classes

If you've beaten the bosses in Valheim and want to start again, or just want a more expansive RPG-like experience in the hit survival crafting game, then you might want to try out the Valheim Legends mod. It adds six new classes to the game, letting players take on unique roles among their group, and opening up exciting new abilities which can also be skilled up and improved over time.

Legends lets you play as a Valkyrie, Ranger, Berzerker, Mage, Druid, or Shaman, each with their own skills and playstyles. You can unlock these classes by sacrificing a specific material at the Eikthyr altar. They're all basic materials, so you can do it from the start of the game if you want — you'll just need to do a little gathering first.

Here are all the new character classes and abilities:

1. Bulwark - Buff: adds a set block bonus to all blocked attacks and adds damage mitigation to the caster
2. Stagger - Attack: immediately staggers all enemies around the Valkyrie
3. Leap - Attack: Launch into the air and come crashing down, applying splash damage at the point of impact

1. Shadow Stalk - Buff: greatly reduces noise and visibility of the Ranger, improves movement speed while crouched, and grants a short (5s) burst of speed
2. Summon Wolf - Pet: summons a wolf companion for a limited time that is more durable, but less damaging than normal wolf pets
3. Power shot - Buff: the next several ranged attacks gain velocity and attack power

1. Rage - Buff: sacrifice health periodically to gain increased movement speed, physical attack damage, continuous stamina regen, and a life-tap for a portion of damage dealt.
2. Execute - Buff: the next several melee attacks gain increased attack power
3. Dash - Attack: dash forward and strike enemies as you pass; damage based on the weapon currently equipped

1. Fireball - Attack: launch a ball of fire that deals splash damage and applies burning
2. Frost Nova - Attack: create a burst of ice around the caster that damages and freezes enemies
3. Meteor - Channeled Attack: use this ability to call down meteors to strike an area; channel duration (stamina expended) determines how many meteors are created

1. Regeneration - Heal: causes the caster and all nearby players to quickly regenerate health for a short period of time
2. Root Defender - Summon: grows friendly roots around the caster that will strike nearby foes
3. Vines - Channeled Attack: periodically launches piercing vine projectiles

1. Enrage - Buff: increases movement speed and rapidly regenerate stamina for the caster and all nearby allies
2. Shell - Buff: reduces any elemental (poison, fire, ice, etc) damage taken and applies a spirit damage DoT to any attack made by the caster and all allies
3. Spirit Shock - Attack: deals spirit damage in an area around the caster and applies a spirit DoT to any enemy hit

Here's how to download the mod and install it from the Nexus.