Want To Use PS3 Headsets With PS4? It Is Complicated

Sony revealed that PlayStation 3 headsets won't work for PlayStation 4 chat on launch day and that future firmware update will enable some of them only.

According to the company, support for chat using USB-based headsets will be added through a system update sometime in the future. On the other hand, Bluetooth-based headsets will never be supported while headsets using digital optical connection will be able to play in-game audio from day one, with chat support to be enabled through system update.

Xbox One also suffers from a similar situation whereas no Xbox 360 headsets can be connected to its next gen successor until Microsoft makes good on its promise to deliver an adapter for the new socket.

Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will ship with an official headset in the box. Nonetheless, some audiophiles refuse to listen to sound that didn't path through the transistors of their $300 headsets. Regardless of the validity of their claims, it is a shame that both next gen consoles would make such an investment go to waste for some of their most hardcore fans.

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