War Z Hit By Hackers, Steam Players Can't Connect

War Z

The bad news for zombie rip-off, survival MMO, The War Z, continues, with the latest that it's been hit by hackers, making it impossible for anyone to login. While the initial issues have been fixed however, those who bought it on Steam, despite the problems, still can't get into the game.

A support thread has been set up by the game's community manager, Kewk, which continues to dispense advice and potential fixes. It also reveals some details on the hack, which apparently began with hackers "resting" the DNS IP, making it impossible for anyone to connect. When that was fixed, the attackers broke out their DDOS tools and began spamming the login server until it crashed. Now though, even with everything supposedly fixed, Steam users still can't play.

Unfortunately for those few - or many, considering the length of the support thread - there's no end in sight for the login problems either. Considering it seemed to not only have mislead gamers but also released a very buggy game, Hammerpoint had its game pulled from Steam by Valve and was told it wouldn't be reinstated until the Half Life developer was confident in a build. This hasn't left the two companies on good terms and it's apparently making communication difficult.

"We have no alternative to seek help directly from steam and have requested this from them," Kewk said on The War Z forum. "Unfortunately, they may not get back to us until tomorrow in the afternoon worst case scenario. However, I am going to try and cut some corners and see what can be done to get something sooner."

Any of you guys caught out by this Steam gaff?