Why is Total War: Warhammer, not called Total Warhammer?

Why is Total War: Warhammer, not called Total Warhammer?

The above question might seem unimportant, but it is one that many people have asked since Creative Assembly announced that is working on a Total War game set in the Warhammer universe.

Fortunately there are people in the world who will go out there and get these hard questions answered, which is why we can show you a video of Creative Assembly finally answering that question for us.

The answer isn't particularly cut and dry unfortunately, offering instead a suggestion that this way both franchises are fairly represented. You know it's a Total War game and you know it's a Warhammer game. In comparison, Total Warhammer might mean that people don't understand that it's from the Total War franchise.

That does sort of make sense, as Creative Assembly no doubt wanted everyone to know that its pedigree was behind the game, rather than Games Workshop, which has no real experience making games.

What do you think of this reasoning? Does it make sense to you?