The Witcher 3 is about to get new content, thanks to new mod tools

The Witcher 3 is about to get new content, thanks to new mod tools

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is getting a bunch of new content, though none of it is likely to be coming from the original developers. While CDProjektRED is focusing on Witcher 4, they've also delivered a big new package of mod tools for Witcher 3, as well as support for the Steam Workshop.

News in brief

  • REDkit has arrived, allowing creators to build their own content
  • It releases alongside Steam Workshop support, streamlining modding
  • New mods are already rolling out, including Witcher 1 maps


This might not seem like the most exciting announcement for an almost decade-old game, but it's much more thrilling when you dig into the details. Mods for the Witcher 3 are nothing new, and the Modkit has been out for some time. However, the Modkit only allows for modifications of existing Witcher 3 content — so you can change a helmet into a helicopter hat, for instance, or turning horses into ponies. What REDkit allows is the full creation of entirely new content. So instead of making tweaks to the Witcher 3's current questlines and other elements, mod creators can now forge their own quests, weapons, and even maps. It's a massive addition, and one the game community is sure to welcome.

Also included in this update is Steam Workshop support. While not as revolutionary as the REDkit is likely to be, it does make adding mods to your game much easier. While Nexus Mods and other mod tools will still be available for use, it will be easier to use the Steam Workshop if playing on a Steam Deck, for instance. It's also much easier for casual players to get into.

The Witcher 3 was a revolutionary game for the time, and the way it exploded the open world genre was viewed by many as a turning point for the gaming industry. In many ways, its example hasn't been taken up by the gaming scene at large — Starfield could likely have learned a thing or two — but even if that's true, this update proves there's plenty of life left in Geralt's last video game outing, and gives another reason to dive back into the game.