Would you buy an RTX 2070 Ti?

Nvidia may be months or even weeks away from revealing a new card in its RTX 2000-series line up called the 2070 Ti. Leaked information from GPU Userbench> (via WCCFTech) suggests that the new card could be in the offing, sitting somewhere in performance between an RTX 2070 and an RTX 2080. We'd estimate a price tag of around $600 if that were the case, but the question is, would you buy it?

The specifications of the card are intriguing. It has a core clock of 1,590MHz — a slightly lower frequency that that of the RTX 2070 and the RTX 2080, and an odd configuration of 7.5GB of GDDR6 memory. We don't know how many CUDA cores it has, but we'd assume somewhere between an RTX 2070 and 2080, because that's where its eventual performance lands.

It manages to beat the 2070 in most tests by between 5 and 20 percent, while the RTX 2080 beats it in turn by similar margins. It may be that the alleged 2070 Ti ends up with more typical clock speeds and memory counts, but that would skew the performance numbers towards an RTX 2080, potentially cannibalizing sales of that card if the 2070 Ti was priced lower, as you would expect it to be.

Listed on Userbench as set for a release in Q2 of this year, the potential launch of such a card is a surprise. The original 1070 Ti was designed specifically to tackle AMD's Vega 56 which was able to outstrip the GTX 1070. What could the 2070 Ti be targeting?

A Navi card perhaps?

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