Xcloud is coming to Xbox this Winter, letting you try before you buy

Xcloud is coming to Xbox this Winter, letting you try before you buy

Microsoft is going to leverage its Xcloud gaming service in a new and novel way -- letting gamers try a game before they buy, without having to download anything. Set to debut on Xbox One and Xbox S/X consoles this holiday season, the Xcloud service will be able to play any of the games on Xcloud, of which there will be around 100 at launch. The only catch is you'll need Game Pass to get access.

Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming, or Xcloud, is one of the most fully formed streaming services out there, and competes directly with the likes of Google Stadia, and Nvidia's Geforce Now, and lets Xbox gamers play their games just about anywhere, syncing seamlessly for saves too, so it's easy to jump from one device to another and continue to play.

It's been a bit of a slow burn roll out of the service, but it's gathering steam, and bring it to Xbox with Game Pass support is a big move that will make it far easier to Xbox Gamers to access a wider array of games from both Xbox and Windows PCs in the future.

But an important feature for some, especially existing Game Pass subscribers, will be for the option of trialling games before they buy and/or download them. That could be especially important for multiplayer games, where roping your friends into a $50+ buy just so they can join you, can take some convincing. With Xcloud, you'll be able to invite them and start playing straight away, no transaction or download required.

Xcloud hits Xbox One, and Series S/X consoles this Holiday season.