YouPorn found a team to sponsor, announcing soon

Streaming porn site operator, YouPorn, has announced that following on from its initial request for any teams interested in being sponsored by them to get in touch, its now made a decision and is hashing out the contract as we speak.

"Remember when @YouPorn tweeted about sponsoring a @DOTA2 or @LeagueOfLegends Team? Me too!

Contract is drafted. Deal Coming Soon."

Reads the official tweet from the Youporn account. We don't have much to go on other than that, though when one fan asked if the sponsored team was VirtusPro, which has a minor stake in the DotA 2 professional leagues, Youporn cryptically replied, "maybe, maybe not."

This all stems from a tweet the company sent out a couple of weeks ago, suggesting it was on the lookout for a team to sponsor that plays League of Legends, DotA 2 or Hearthstone. Perhaps it will end up sponsoring more than one team to cover its bases?

It will also be interesting to see what kind of sponsorship YouPorn plans on giving. Even if it does turn out to be money, it certainly has a more interesting catalogue of 'products' than gaming peripheral makers.

What do you guys think Valve, Riot Games and Blizzard would think of YouPorn logos showing up on gamers' jerseys?

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