YouTuber Finishes Far Cry 4 In 30 Minutes 4 Days Before Launch

Four days before the game's official launch, a player managed to upload a 15 minutes long YouTube gameplay video of Far Cry 4 start-to-finish.

Needless to say, you shouldn't watch the video if you want to avoid spoilers. In fact, you shouldn't really read ahead if spoilers are of concern.

The video shows, Far Cry 4's protagonist is Ajay Ghale who returns to fictional country, Kyrat, to spread his mother ashes in her mother land where he is captured by local dictator Pagan Min's forces. Ajay is then taken to Pagan who forces him to attend a dinner party then leaves after asking the protagonist to wait for him.

Clearly, this is the queue for the player to break free and escape from his captors, but if you are clueless enough to wait for 13 minutes or so the dictator will return ushering the game's alternate ending where Ajay pays his last respects to his deceased mother and Pagan kills him.

"Maybe now we can finally shoot some goddamn guns," are the last words Ajay hears before blacking out in the alternate ending.

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