Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel


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The primary purpose of this patch is to support custom missions and campaigns
made with version 1.26 of the BOS editor. Additionally there are some high
priority bug fixes and support for the most recent Miles Sounds System.
Details for changes made in the first patch can be found at the end of this

Note: You will need to read the "EDITOR_README.txt" file if you wish to set up
your installation to be compatible with the editors. Additionally you should be
aware of the licensing agreement found in "Fallout Editor End User License
Agreement.txt" and accept its terms before using the editor.


- Four Horsemen bug. On entering the four horsemen special encounter the
ordering for the squad will no longer randomly change.
- Armour in hand slot. Placing or removing armour from a hand slot no longer
effects stats.
- Leaving a multiplayer game no longer causes slow downs.
- Respawning in turnbased multiplayer no longer causes crashes, or exclusion
from the turn list.
- Upgrade to version 6.1 of the Miles Sound System. This fixes a number of
reported sound problems.
- Fix to sprite caching and usage of virtual memory.

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