Pool of Radiance


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[[Dungeons and Dragons]]Something bad - very bad - is causing the original Pool of Radiance underneath the city of New Phlan to re-activate and exude a wave of power that makes anything that it touches undead. The player characters soon get swept up by the mystery and find themselves on the quest to find outwhat is behind resurgence and put a stop to it.... [images]This leads them to explore the source of the problem, the ruined Elven city of Myth Drannor... one of the most dangerous (and mysterious) placesin the Forgotten Realms.Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor uses the new Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition Rules. [images]Some of the features included will be new races, classes, and spells; combat is initiative-based; the familiar (and new) spells, weapons, items, and armor are all there; and driving the game is an involving storyline enhanced by the presence of the Dungeon Master. All important events and findings are communicated by the DM, just as they are in livingroom D&D action.

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