Amazing Cultivation Simulator v1.15 (+23 Trainer)

Amazing Cultivation Simulator

Amazing Cultivation Simulator v1.15 (+23 Trainer) [FLiNG]

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Amazing Cultivation Simulator Trainer/Cheat
23 Options  Game Version: v1.15+  Last Updated: 2020.12.26
Num 1  God Mode
Num 2  Max Food
Num 3  Max Drink
Num 4  Max Energy
Num 5  Max Leisure
Num 6  Max Stamina
Num 7  Max Mood
Num 8  Max Qi
Num 9  Max Mental State
Num 0  Stop Aging
Ctrl+Num 1  Max Foundation XP
Ctrl+Num 2  Max Cultivation XP
Ctrl+Num 3  Cultivation XP Multiplier
Ctrl+Num 4  Max Inspiration
Ctrl+Num 5  Character Creation: Max Perks
Ctrl+Num 6  Set Game Speed
Character Editor
Alt+Num 1  Age
Alt+Num 2  Perception
Alt+Num 3  Constitution
Alt+Num 4  Charisma
Alt+Num 5  Intelligence
Alt+Num 6  Luck
Alt+Num 7  Potential
Max Foundation XP takes effect when you gain foundation XP.
Max Cultivation XP takes effect when you gain cultivation XP.
Character Editor works for the selected character.

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