Bionic Commando (+6 Trainer) [DEViATED]

Bionic Commando (+6 Trainer) [DEViATED]

Bionic Commando (+6 Trainer) [DEViATED]

Text file description:

                   . .. p R O U D L Y  p R E S E N T S . ..
          Bionic Commando +6 Trainer (C) DEVIATED 2010
               Date....: 6/30/2010             Releaser: [eXtreme]
               Type....: Trainer               Options.: 11
               OS......: xp/vista/7 32 bit     Size....: 1xsmall
   if you have any anti virus or any other security program on your os
   make sure to add trainer to "exception list".(read full
   troubleshooting guide at our forums).
   vista users don't forget to run trainer as administrator.
   this trainer has been completely tested under xp/vista 32 bit editions.
   if you found any bugs in our trainer please report it at our furoms
   this trainer will work for any xlive version if it's not then please
   report it.
    Hotkey             Option
     F1                -     God Mode
     F2                -     Infinite ammo&no reload
     F3                -     Infinite Breath
     F4                -     No Radiation
     F5                -     1 Hit Kill
     F6                -     Save Psition
     F7                -     Restore Position
     God Mode:
     this option will simply give you inf health and there's nothing
     in the game that can kill you even big explosions!
     Infinite ammo&grandes/no reload:
     as it says it gives you infinite ammo for all of your weapons
     including grenades and rockets!
     Infinite Oxygen:
     when you fall into the water there's blue bar on top of the
     screen which shows the current Oxygen and decreases
     this option will simply stop that so you can stay in the
     water as long as you want!
     No Radiation:
     in this game most places has been infected with radioactive
     the problem is when you try to enter this areas game displays
     radiation icon and if you continue you'll die this option simply
     removes this effect so you can stay in those areas as long
     as you want to!
     1 Hit Kill:
     don't like to waste your time or bulltes to kill your enemies?!
     so activate this option and kick their ass by a single hit!
     Teleport System:
     press F6 save your position then
     F7 to load it.
  greetz flys to all DEViATED team members and to every real scene groups!
  you know who you are!
  EMAiL: team[dot]dvt[at]live[dot]com
  [ JOIN US ]
  We are currently looking for
  - Skilled Gamehackers
  - GFX'ers
  - ASCII Artists
  - Or anyway you think you can help us, contact us right away!
        NFO ART: CoaXCable/CoolPHat

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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