Escape Velocity Nova (+1 Trainer)

Escape Velocity Nova (+1 Trainer)

[Black Magic]

Escape Velocity Nova (+1 Trainer)

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                       P R E S E N T S:
            Escape Velocity Nova PLUS 1 TRAiNER
   Cracker : Team Black Magic                      Thanks to   : Bob
   Supplier: DiViNE                                Type        : Trainer
   Packer  : Team Black Magic                      Size        : 01x2.88 MB
   Section : [] 0DAY                              Release Date: 24/07/2003
             [ ] DOX
         Release Notes:
  EV Nova is the third game in the Escape Velocity series, and is by far
  the most ambitious installment to date. With a completely redesigned
  gaming engine, EV Nova thrusts you into a sprawling universe dominated by
  a myriad of warring factions, each sharing a common bond, but so
  philosophically different as to make conflict inevitable.
  The remnants of the Colonial Council's utopian vision of a united galaxy
  are littered about like so many discarded dreams. The eccentric genius in
  Omata Kane, whose Hypergate system brought distant stars within reach,
  has all but been forgotten. Like a wave in the darkness of space,
  colonization flowed outwards from Earth, until discord and dissent
  against a growingly corrupt central government caused it to come crashing
  Open rebellion caused the destruction of critical parts of the Hypergate
  system, severing entire systems from the umbilical cord of civilization.
  They were left adrift in the lonely void of space, forced to fend for
  themselves, truly strangers in strange lands. The collapse of a central
  government caused civilization to slide helplessly into a dark age of
  isolation. The few pockets of humanity that did survive developed in near
  solitude, clinging perilously to life like a tree desperately trying to
  gain root on a rocky cliff.
  Time marched on in its relentless journey toward the future, and each of
  these civilizations slowly reconstructed their humanity... but in their
  isolation, a strange thing happened. They each followed markedly
  different paths in their evolution. As rediscovered technology finally
  allowed contact between these far-flung children of the Colonial Council
  to tentatively resume, they found that they had little in common. Indeed,
  rather than reunited brothers, they were strangers... or worse,
  It is into this maelstrom of territorial contention that you are thrust,
  like a pebble tumbling aimlessly between the tectonic fault lines that
  uncomfortably separate these divisions of humanity. Welcome to EV Nova.
  Will the pebble become an avalanche?
         Install Notes:
   1. Unrar/zip
   2. Run bm.exe
   3. Use in-game keys:
      F10 - Unlimited Credits
      F11 - Disable Unlimited Credits
         Group News / Greets:
    Black Magic was founded by 2 boys from Europe. Since there was so much
     hatred in the scene we decided to found a nice group with "no nazi".
    Black Magic is always looking for new, enthousiastic members that want
                     to help out every way that they can.
    We are currently looking for:
     - Dedicated Crackers/Trainers/Cheaters
     - Legal Shell Accounts (yes LEGAL)
     - 10+Mbit sites for affiliation
     - Nice girls with big breasts to keep us company :)
     If you think you can fill one of these positions, you can mail us at
           Black Magic Greets all their fellow sceners in:
       The Late FAiRLiGHT - iMMERSiON - Centropy
                        MMDOX - UKTV - OUTCAST
                   DEViANCE - MYTH - STN
              |   __   |   |
                              |   __ <      |
                         BLACK MAGIC
           Team Black Magic 2003
           NFO: CoaXCable/CoolPHat [CPH]

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