BloodRayne 2 (Nude Patch)

BloodRayne 2 (Nude Patch)

BloodRayne 2 (Nude Patch)

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BloodRayne 2 (english)
Nude BloodRayne in a new sexy dress.
Unzip the and you will find the Nude W32ENSND.POD file.
Before you do anything go to the BloodRayne 2 demo game directory
and copy two files as a backup; LANGUAGE.POD AND W32ENSND.POD in a
separate folder. To restore the game to its original you can install
these files back. Next you will need to rename 2 files.
             w32ensnd.pod > language.pod
             language.pod > w32ensnd.pod
You can do this by right clicking the mouse on the file and select
"Rename". Then type in the new changes.
When the 2 file changes are done install the Nude W32ENSND.POD file
in the BloodRayne 2 Demo's game directory and overwrite the
w32ensnd.pod file there.
Nude BloodRayne is install and you can start the game. Enjoy!


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