BloodRayne 2 (+10 Trainer)

BloodRayne 2 (+10 Trainer)

BloodRayne 2 (+10 Trainer)

Text file description:

			              Title...: Bloodrayne 2  Plus.10.Trainer
			               Author..: APACHE-
			                Type....: Trainer
			           Date....: 14/08/05
			            Options.: 10
			        Size....: 1xsmall
			          Notes        OPT.No.   TRAINER HOTKEY AND DESCRIPTION
			          ^^^^^        ^^^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
			           Yes [Toggle]   1      F1 - Unlimited Life
			           Yes [Toggle]   2      F2 - Unlimited Energy
			           YeS [Toggle]   3      F3 - Unlimited Ammo
			           YeS [Toggle]   4      F4 - One Hit Kill
			           Yes [Toggle]   5      F5 - Kill All
			           Yes [Toggle]   6      F6 - Pacify Enemies
			           Yes            7      F7 - Super Jump
			           Yes            8      6  - Get BloodStream
			           Yes            8      7  - Get BloodSpray
			           Yes            8      8  - Get BloodBomb
			           Yes            8      9  - Get BloodFlame
			           Yes            8      0  - Get BloodGHammer
			           Yes            9      F10 -Save your Positon
			           Yes            9      F11 -Restore your Positon
			           Yes           10      F12 -Transcendental Teleportation
			           Unrar the trainer.
			           1.copy to game dir ,click run,the game will load
			           2.Start game,run the trainer
			                         YOU DECIDE :)
			   TRAINER NOTES!!!!!
			         F1 - Unlimited Life
			         This option gives you unlimited Life, no matter what !
			         Falling....Explosions ,ya can hurt this tuff mother !
			         F2 - Unlimited Energey
			         This option gives you unlimited Energy   :)
			         F3 - Unlimited Ammo
			         You will not Run out of ammo, You can freak out as much as you
			         want..Go on!.....Shoot the shit out of the bad guys :)
			         F4 - One Hit Kill
			         Slay even the meanest of enemies with one hit
			         F5 - Kill ALL
			         Whats this i hear you say?? instant kill everything??.....
			         They will appear frozen,until u approach  them ,
			         This option will kill everything thats in your range instantly
			         it will then kill everything as you move along the level
			         Remember to turn it off, or you will have nobody to fight :)
			         F6 - Super Jump
			         Yeehar! man i love this option ,its Fun Fun Fun!  :)
			         Jump around everywhere at the speed of light ,
			         It does not jump jumps Long! super fast speeds
			         F7 - PACIFY ENEMIES
			         I did not have a clue as to what to call this option
			         So i played safe with PACIFY :P
			         This option will not let the enemies shoot at you
			         It WILL make them run away in fact :) no matter how hard
			         they try to get to you ,the turn and run
			         6,7,8,9,0 - Get Selected Weapon
			         This option will give you the main weapons WELL Before your
			         your supposed to get them in the game .........
			         You Need to get to the level in the game Where u have a gun to
			         enable the effect (makes sense if you think about it)
			         just hit the relevent key to get the weapon,choose another
			         weapon or mov your scroll mouse to revert to default weapon
			         F10- Save your game position
			         hit this to SAVE your position in the game
			         F11- Load your game position
			         hit this to LOAD your position in the game
			         F12- Teleportation
			        Ok i like this option,:)
			        to teleport Transcendental style(as you do :P)
			        1st step, hit the control key to LOCK on to your enemy
			        then hit the F12 key to teleport right up to the enemy
			        That position is now also saved until you LOCK onto an enemy
			         Thats all folks...have fun :)
			                     "I POKE THEREFORE IAM"
			                         GREETZ TIME
			                all at #gamehacking in Mirc
			                    COME VISIT MY SITE
			                               Gfx by the Dynamic Trio: w0, s! and cH
			                                Dedicated to beer, drugs, and medicine    


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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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