qwertydid Boiling Point: Road to Hell v2.0 (+6 Trainer)

Boiling Point: Road to Hell v2.0 (+6 Trainer)


Boiling Point: Road to Hell v2.0 (+6 Trainer)

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 -====Boiling Point Road To_Hell + 5 TRAINER=================-
 -=Filename: bprth5tr.rar                                   =-
 -=Date: May 25/05                                          =-
 ALT+NUMPAD0  - 1M Pesos
 ALT+NUMPAD1  - Carry More weight in backpack (SEE NOTES)
 ALT+NUMPAD2  - Almost invinsability. (SEE NOTES)
 ALT+NUMPAD3  - Super Jump + Jump invinsability. (SEE NOTES)
 ALT+NUMPAD4  - Super Jump + Jump invinsability off.
 ALT+NUMPAD5  - Almost invinsability off.
 ALT+NUMPAD6  - Pesos, weight and Ammo off.
 ALT+NUMPAD7  - Unlimited Clip/Ammo.
 To use this trainer, run the trainer's .EXE file.
 Then, run the game.
 Press any of the keys listed above ingame and the
 cheat will be activated. Enjoy!
 1M Pesos - gives you 1 million some pesos when you open the
 inventory dialog (i).
 Carry More weight in backpack - allows you to have around 1000
 lbs/kg in your backpack when you open the inventory dialog (i).
 (NOTICE:) in the +4 yesterday i forgot smth in the weight opt.
 it will work correctly now. be sure to turn it back on when you
 reload the game, or you will be limping around with a heavy bp.
 Almost invinsability  - almost as it saz, explotions will kill
 you on the spot, i could do nothing about it, look for updates.
 howver if your far enough from a nade/w/e it might not kill you.
 if you do get hurt, move the mouse, should go back to 100.
 there is a glitch i noticed. your arm or some part may look like
 its hurt. but it shouldnt effect you i dont think. it should go
 back after a while. think its having to do with your strenght
 Super Jump + Jump invinsability - works by putting outragous
 values into a replica of the invinsability option above, but
 in a diffrent part of the game. they will conflict with each
 other if both on. so turn invinsability option off when using
 super jump. you still get 'almost invinsability with this.
 oh, also it may sound like your rolling in the snow when you
 walk with this on, and some other glitches.
 Unlimited Clip/Ammo - gives you unlimted clip, so you can shoot
 forever and not run out. doesntr work on knife/grenade or any
 other weapon that doesnt show an ammo amount.
 and excuse the other stuff from the +4 i forgot to remove it.

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