Call of Duty: BlackOps (+8 Trainer)

Call of Duty: BlackOps (+8 Trainer) 
Call of Duty: BlackOps (+8 Trainer) 
Call of Duty: BlackOps (+8 Trainer)

Call of Duty: BlackOps (+8 Trainer) [DEViATED]

Text file description:

                   . .. p R O U D L Y  p R E S E N T S . ..
                 Call of Duty - Black Ops v1.0 PLUS 8 TRAINER
               Date...........: 12/11/2010      Releaser: KEMiCZA
               Type...........: TRAINER         Options.: 8
               OS.............: WIN 7/VISTA/XP  Size....: 1xsmall
               EXE size.......: /               Supplier: ur mum
  USAGE/NOTE: 1) Run trainer and game
              2) Press F1 to enable the trainer
              3) Use your desires hotkey to enable/disable a cheat
  Additionally you can use the built in hotkey editor to create your own table
  of hotkeys. What you basically do when entering a hotkey at a certain
  position is overwriting that hotkey. Eventually you'll get a dvt.ini file in
  the same folder as the dvt*.exe trainer. The dvt.ini file should be placed
  in the same folder as the games exe. To make it easier for yourself just
  place the dvt*.exe in the games folder (create a shortcut). And everytime
  you change your hotkeys the file will be automatically stored in the correct
  folder. You can't edit the keys if the trainer is already activated. Do this
  before you actually start the game or press F1.
  If you would like to use the original hotkeys again, just remove the
  dvt.ini file from the games folder.
  This release has not been tested. Only by me. This version of the trainer was
  made through the SKIDROW version, but it might work as well for the retail
  or steam version. If you can give me some feedback on this I would really
  appreciate that.
  Make sure you run the trainer in administrator mode. And add it to your
  exception list if you have an anti virus program.
  Trainer tested on Win7. Enjoy!
    Hotkey   Toggle   No.   Option
    F1        NO      /     ACTIVATE TRAINER
    NUM1      YES     1     Unlimited health
    NUM2      YES     2     Easy kills
    NUM3      YES     3     No reload
    NUM4      YES     4     Unlimited ammo
    NUM5      YES     5     Super speed
    NUM6      YES     6     Rapid fire
    NUM7      YES     7     Super jump
    F10       NO      8     Teleport save
    F11       NO      8     Teleport load
    F12       NO      8     Teleport undo
   No.7: Make sure you enable no.1 or else you'll die probably when falling.
   No.8: Save your location with F10 then at some point if you want to load
         press F11. Now if you want to return to the position from where you
         loaded, just press F12. Now you can use F11 and F12 to switch fast
         between locations.
  If you have any other questions please visit and
  let me/us know!
  Donate and keep us alive!
  All members of team DEViATED: STN, eXtreme, iNTANGiBLEhamadah
  Extalia(rip), brewers, unleashed, ces, aspras, Jay-N, @EFNET #gamehacking
  RiSiCO, genuine, dabhand, deadlydata, attilathedud, sheep, micral, brzi, bie
  eedok, stonerifik, sbn, scar, nh2, CJB L. Spiro for MHS...
  Special thanks to brzi,stn,int,ex,etc for some tips on the new trn layout.
  Peeps from forums :), and all I forgot.
  EMAiL: team[dot]dvt[at]live[dot]com
  [ JOIN US ]
  We are currently looking for
  - Skilled Gamehackers
  - GFX'ers
  - ASCII Artists
  - Or anyway you think you can help us, contact us right away!
  - Girls who like to join us, please don't.. We already have girlfriends and
    we're very social people. I swear, just ask ur mum.
  - Midgets, because they're cute and sexy. Like STN!
        NFO ART: CoaXCable/CoolPHat

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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