Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood v1.0 (+8 Trainer)

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood v1.0 (+8 Trainer)

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood v1.0 (+8 Trainer)

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                "" Strange-ness by virtue of being remarkable or unusual ""
                               SiNGULARiTY Proudly Presents:
     [ Game Name       ] ..... Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (c)Ubisoft
     [ Game Version    ] ..... v1.0 (v1.0.0.0)
     [ Game Size       ] ..... 1.01 MB (1,062,120 bytes) - CoJBiBGame_x86.exe
     [ Game Source     ] ..... ISO: Razor1911
     [ Game Type       ] ..... FPS
     [ Game Engine     ] ..... Chrome Engine 4
     [ Release Options ] ..... 8
     [ Release Size    ] ..... 1x Small
     [ Release Date    ] ..... 12/07/2009
                                       News / Notes
       I feel I should put a congratz here to BrEwErS for continually pushing out
       quality releases which are quite simply rivalling everything else at present.
       And keep it up everyone who is contributing to the scene in the proper way,
       IE. not ripping, 'learning' :P etc...
                                     Compatibility Notes
       Please ensure you disable any firewalls or security applications before using
       the trainer. This will prevent any issues with writing to memory.
       If you have issues under Vista, run both the game and trainer in compatiblity
       mode for WinXP SP2, and make sure you are running with admin privileges!
       The trainer has been tested on XP SP3 and Vista SP2, x86/32-bit.
       The trainer may work under x64/64-bit, but has not been tested!
                                       Release Usage
          #     Hotkey          Description
          -     ------          -----------
          1     NUMPAD 0        God Mode
          2     NUMPAD 1        One-Hit Kill
          3     NUMPAD 2        Infinite Ammo
          4     NUMPAD 3        Infinite Concentration
          5     NUMPAD 4        Super Speed
          6     NUMPAD 5        Low Gravity
          7     NUMPAD 6        Add $1000 Cash
          8     NUMPAD 7        Save Position
                NUMPAD 8        Restore Position
                NUMPAD 9        Undo Teleport
       [Numpad 0] God Mode
       This will make you completely invincible (just you, not allies).
       [Numpad 1] One-Hit Kill
       Will allow you to take out enemies in one-hit. This may effect certain allies
       too, so be careful where and when you use it.
       [Numpad 2] Infinite Ammo
       This will keep your main ammo amount frozen (works as a no-reload too).
       May not work for all weapons or special items.
       [Numpad 3] Infinite Concentration
       This will make your concentration ability always available.
       [Numpad 4] Super Speed
       Will speed you up by a factor of 4x so you can get places fast.
       [Numpad 5] Low Gravity
       This will effect gravity for your player only. This will allow you to jump
       much higher and more slowly (think moon-jump). It's about a 1/4 of normal.
       [Numpad 6] Add $1000 Cash
       Use this when in a store or when you can see your cash amount on-screen.
       [Numpad 7] Save Position
       Saves your current position to memory, for restoring later.
       [Numpad 8] Load Position
       Restores your previously saved position in the game.
       [Numpad 9] Undo Teleport
       A safety option, allowing you to revert back to where you were before number 8.
       Greetz fly out to all our friends, contacts and those who support us.
       All these people know who they are. Keep it up guys...
                                        Contact Us
        Not at this time...
                                      Closing  Notes
        Gamehacking/Gamereversing/Hexing is completely LEGAL. It involves modifying
        game memory on-the-fly and doesn't alter any files. We do this for fun and
        for knowledge, and NOT to harm any company. Game developers deserve to get
        paid for the work they do. Without them, we wouldn't be doing this!
        Do NOT bother posting any part of this release without proper credit been
        given. This release should comprise of a trainer .exe and a release .NFO. If
        you find that it doesn't, then be wary of malware or a tampered release.
        We reverse what we want, when we want. We don't compete with anyone. We might
        do a recent game, we might do one that is 5 years old! We might release often
        or hardly at all. We don't take requests, and we're not interested in wars!
      Ascii by Shaikh Adeel - Modded by us - Last Updated: 11-07-09  

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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