Chuzzle Deluxe (+5 Trainer) [iNSANiTY]

Chuzzle Deluxe (+5 Trainer) [iNSANiTY]

Chuzzle Deluxe (+5 Trainer) [iNSANiTY]

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  Name: Chuzzle Deluxe 1.0 +5 Trainer + Unlocker
  Contributor: HonestGamer
  Type: Trainer
  Size: 708 KB (Trainer) 98 KB (Unlocker)
  Date: 16th March, 2011
  OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (x32)
  Important Notes:-
  This is my mom's favorite game, so I decided to make her
  happy by making this Trainer! So isn't it obvious I would
  release it for iNSANiTY (And you!)? So here is some info
  about the Trainer options:-
  Activate Trainer: Does what it says. Activate it otherwise
                    the Trainer won't function.
  1) Add 5000 Score: Try scoring by blowing a pair of chuzzles
                     to get the points added (The game itself
                     doesn't update scores instantly).
  2) Free Hints: Your score or bottle fluid will not decrease
                 when you wish to use hints. Please note that
                 this option even if deactivated will not
                 restore the hint routines since its the
                 game's fault, not the Trainer's. Restarting
                 the game will however do the trick.
  3) Fill Bottle: This will immediately fill your bottle so
                  you can easily complete the level/earn
                  a chuzzle piece by blowing a pair of
  4) Unlimited Scrambles: This option will immediately give
                          give you 3 scrambles and will freeze
                          it there so you will not have to
                          worry of your game getting over.
  5) No Timer: With this there will be no need to get worried
               over the ever increasing timer or the locking
               of chuzzles in Speed Chuzzle Mode.
  This fine release also has an Unlocker included as a bonus!
  Instructions are there in the SFX archive so enjoy!
  CJB, DarkByte (For Cheat Engine) and You! :D
  Email ID:
 ASCII By HonestGamer/iNSANiTY

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