Coffee Break ENG/GER (Unlocker)

Coffee Break ENG/GER (Unlocker)

Coffee Break ENG/GER (Unlocker)

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                    .         .
           ''                                    .
                   T h e     N o v a     T e a m
                            Coffee Break *MULTI2*
                    (c)2006 Indie Games / Digital Jesters
    Supplied By : TEAM TNT                 Release Date : 10/06/2006
     Cracked By : TEAM TNT                   Protection : Algorithms
    What is it? : Unlocker                  OS Required : WinXX
    Packaged By : TEAM TNT                   # of Files : 01 x 5.00 Meg
   Requirements : The Game
                                Release Notes
Languages: English            /  German (Deutsch)
      TNT was going to just release a GERMAN Only unlocker, such like this:
      However it was decided to change it into a Multi-2 Languages unlocker
      even though there already exists an English unlocker as seen below:
      07-09-2006  Coffee_Break_ALL_ACCESS_CHEAT-PiZZADOX
      There are some problems with that release:
      1. If you have already run the game one or more times, then that unlocker
         will not work for you.  What happens is that the existing file called
         "PREFS_CLIENT.CS" is always the first settings file read by the game
         (if it exists).  When that file is read, the game will re-create the
         second file called "PREFS_CLIENT.CS.dso" based on all of the settings
         in the first .CS file.  This means that the PIZZA unlocker file is
         overwritten when you launch the game, leaving your own old saved data
         (and old locked content).  The only possible way for the PIZZA
         unlocker to work is if "PREFS_CLIENT.CS" does not exist in the
         SavedGames directory.  And the only way that happens is if you had
         never ran the game yet, or if you deleted that file (for some reason)
         so that only the PIZZA "PREFS_CLIENT.CS.dso" file existed.
         It is just a clumsy unlocker that many people could have trouble
         with, when used under the most common circumstance (having already
         previously launched the game).  Still, it is a hard problem for PIZZA
         to have noticed.
      2. Even if you got their unlocker to work, you are defaulted to PIZZA's
         video/sound setup settings, which may not work on all systems that
         end-users may be on.  Our unlocker contains just the Unlock Data and
         no video/sound setup, so the game will re-detect that stuff upon
      This unlocker was generated only by a TNT member.  No PIZZA unlockers
      were used or harmed in the creation of TNT one.  Actually, our boy played
      the whole game from start to finish to get the unlocker, since it is only
      4 Total Missions (but they are rather long - maybe 3 to 5 hours of
      gameplay).  There was a debate about whether or not to release this,
      since the PIZZA unlocker works under some conditions.  But on the other
      hand it also fails to work under the most common condition, so consider
      this is be a PROPER even though we just label it as MULTI2.
Eingespeichert spiel, das Ihnen Zugang zu allen Bereiche des Spiels gibt.
         Alle 2 Missionen von der Harald Kampagne
         Alle 2 Missionen von der Karl-Heinz Kampagne
         Zugriff zu Frei-Modus von der Harald Kampagne
         Zugriff zu Frei-Modus von der Karl-Heinz Kampagne
         Alle 12 Filme von der Bereich Bonus
A SavedGame giving you access to all of the areas of the game.
         All 2 Missions of the John Campaign
         All 2 Missions of the David Campaign
         Access to Free Game Mode of the John Campaign
         Access to Free Game Mode of the David Campaign
         All 12 Movies of the Bonus Area
1. Immer ein Backup von den original Datei(en) machen:
2. UnRAR die Archive in Dein Spielverzeichnis und berschreibe alle
   existierenden Dateien.
   Immer mit kompletten Verzeichnissen entpacken!
3. Am Hauptmen, whle "Neues Spiel" oder "Bonus".
1. Always make a backup copy of your game file(s) first:
2. UnRAR the archive to your game directory, overwriting any existing files.
   Always unRAR with full paths!
3. At the Main Menu, select either "New Game" or "Bonus".
   Enjoy the unlocked content.
                                 TNT    News
  zipscript-c (aka project-zs) ruins all the nice SFV files in the scene!
  Screw that lame-ass retarded script and all you noobies who use it.
  Egotism is good in small doses.
  There is nothing wrong with flaming code/crack thieves.  We encourage it.
  Quality and quantity are both possible simultaneously, yet often difficult.
  We continue our journey...
                                 Joining TNT
  TNT works in all languages.
  If you feel that you have something useful to offer us, such as the ability
  to contribute to our scene releasing efforts, then see below.
                                 Contact TNT
  Those who seek TNT will find a way to get in touch with us.
  Just ask around for the #1 Dox group.
  TNT has no email address, nor a web site.  Any you find are surely fake.
  Header Logo : Super Nova [TNT]            NFO Layout : Super Nova
> Last Update by [Super Nova] <[12/31/2005]
                       " Tripping The Light Fantastic! "


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