Commander keen 5 trainer

Commander keen 5 trainer

Commander keen 5 trainer

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                      SSS            XXXXXX
                      SSSSSSSSSS       XX
                             SSS     XXXXXX
                      SSSSSSSSSS   XXX    XXX
                             SQUADRON X
Cheat for Commander Keen 5 - The ARMAGEDDON MACHINE.
The Story
After BILLY BLAZE (alias Commander KEEN) wiped out the SHIKADI on the
SHADOWLANDs the COUNCIL MEMBERS, who were rescued by Keen, activated the
ORACLE.This oracles reveals that the SHIKADI almost conquered the GALAXY
with the help of there secret weapon: THE OMEGAMETIC.
Keen sneaks on board of this machine with his megarocket.There he takes on
the SHIKADI and there allies.You mission is to destroy the OMEGAMETRIC.
* Collect NEURAL STUNNERS...if you don`t you will run out of ammo !
* Collect the GEMS to open the doors.Each GEM has his own color wich
  corresponts with the color of the slot at the door.
* When you find a KEG, you recieve an extra life.
* Another way to get an extra life is to collect 100 bottles.
* Wath out for the SPHEREFUL and the SHIKADI MASTER, they are nasty !
* Sugar stoopies, tart stix and bags `o sugar gives a lot of points.
* Keep looking for secret passages or use the CHEAT.
* In this episodes KEYCARDs are added, find them to open security doors.
* To jump down a platform, press the DOWN-ARROW and the Jump-key.You need
  this combination !!
The cheat-modes are used by pressing the Functio-key and a normal key at
the same time.This is the FULL list of all the cheat-codes (I hope)
Start the game with K5.exe -NOWAIT <enter>
F10 and P  : This is used to pause the game.
F10 and S  : To slow down the game.There are 2 speeds.
F10 and E  : ends the current Level when you find that one to difficult.
F10 and Y  : Shows all secret rooms in the field.
F10 and W  : WARP-mode, go to a different level.
F10 and T  : Gives information about the sprites of commander Keen.
F10 and I  : Gives extre points, guns, GEMs and lives in a random order.
F10 and D  : Play a demo of a level of your choice.NICE !
F10 and G  : Activates the GOD-mode.You become Immortal.
F10 and J  : This is the JUMP-mode.Jump to the sky with 1 jump.
F10 and N  : NO CLIPPING, walk through walls and floors.This can be usefull
             , but sometimes causes it you own death.With no clipping the
             floors will fade away and maybe theres some LAVA under the floor !
F10 and C  : Nice mode..It shows how much creature you killed and how much there
F10 and V  : This gives you 1 to 8 extra VBL`s.
F10 and B  : Changes the border color.
F10 and M  : Gives information about hte used and available memory.
F9         : Anti-Boss-mode, this one simulates the dos-prompt. To return press
F1         : Information about the game and the story.
F2 to F7   : Back to the Main menu with save and restore commands.
                                                               -THE END-
Contact SQUADRON X at +31-1150-95355 for our latest products and other
APOGEE cheats.


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