Dead Island v1.3.0 HF3 (+25 Trainer) [LinGon]

Dead Island v1.3.0 HF3 (+25 Trainer) [LinGon]

Dead Island v1.3.0 HF3 (+25 Trainer) [LinGon]

Text file description:

Trainer Tittle::                            Dead Island v1.3.0 - Hotfix 3 + 25 Trainer - LinGon - Proper
Please make sure to press the info button on the trainer to view the options and hotkeys and additional Info.
Please start the "Game first" than one's the game running, minimize the game and run the trainer!
witch ever order should work, but starting Game first is recommended than use Alt Tab to minimize the game and run the trainer restore the game and Activate the trainer!
Important: before you can use the trainer options it's important to know that you must first Activate the trainer when the game has finished loading.
To Activate the Trainer Please Press The "F12" Key on your keybord when the game  has finished loading or while in game playing and wait for the activation sound to be heard.
after the the trainer has been activated the trainer is actiavted and you may select what option or options to enable.
Extra Info:
Before using this trainer make sure
 to disable any Firewalls or Antivirus Programs.
Allso Windows 7 Users should make sure to disable
Windows UAC completely or this trainer might not work
properly. Also If this trainer wont work for you
 than please feel free to contact me
i can take requests about making a working - Option
for your game version against a small donation fee.
Requests overall can be made to my Youtube Account,
by using the PM and sending me a message about
a request, for any game. but only those who
donates a small fee will get their request made.
Note: if the trainer dont work at all for your version of the game, than please use some other trainer available for this game.
I will not take requests for free to make it work for your game version, if the trainer dont respond to your game version,
than i will only take requests to make it work if you are prepared to donate a smal amount.
Keep the above in mind.
Messages will be ignored if above is not read and properly understood, soo please read above first before you try to contact me.
Note: If the the trainer dont respond to activattion, than that will indicate that this trainer does not work for your exact version of the game.
trainer also dont work on any virtual machine and will not activate and run properly if any is detected so use in orginal OS Windows with as less programs running as possible
while plying the game using the trainer.
Also take note of usage of this trainer, You do soo at your own risk, I take no Responsebility of the usage of this trainer. that goes for all my trainers.
Reminder: If this trainer dont work for you dont boother sending me messages that you dont get it working for your game or whatnot.
Simply use another trainer for the game, if none exist -  too bad :( or wait to see if any future trainer will work for your version.
Trainer Detailed Options.
F12 - Trainer Activation.
This will activate the Trainer!
F1 - Infinite Health.
- This will keep you alive and well.
F2 - Infinite Stamina.
- This will keep your stamina full at all times,
F3 - Infinite Ammo.
- This will give you an infinite amount of ammo to use for your guns.F4 - Add Cash.
- This lets you increase your Cash amount, press this key untill
you have desired amount of cash , to view current cash launch the
inventory and go back to ingame when you want to add more.
F5 - Add XP.
- This lets you increase your XP amount, press this key untill
you have desired amount of XP , to view current XP launch the
inventory and go back to ingame when you want to add more.
F6 - Increase Skill levels.
- This will increase your skill levels.F7 - Set Max Fury.
- This will increase and fill the fury bar for the time beeing.
Press this ones you want to fill it again ones its been used up.F8 - Constant Fury.
- This will set the fury bar to be filled at all times and will let you
use fury constantly, turn of ones you dont want to be in fury
mode any more.
F9 - Infinite Weapon Durability.
- This will prevent the weapons from breaking and decreasing
in strength.
F10 - Infinite Flash Light.
- This will keep the flash light full at all times.
Number 1 - Super Mode.
- This ones a goodie, it will increase the impact on all your weapons
and it will increase your impact overall, it will also protect you from
any high falls and high speed movements, so turn this on while
using either the super speed or any of the super jump options to
prevent any high speed or fall damage.Number 2 - Super Reach.
- This will let you take out enemies from a far away distance.
very sweet option, use together with the super mode option and
your all set to be a super hero.Number 3 - Mega Player.
- This make you the player very big.
Number 4 - Mini Zombies.
- This will make your friends and foes very small.
Number 5 - Mega Zombies.
- This will make your friends and foes very big.
Number 6 - Super Jump - Lite.
- This will let you jump very high.
Number 7 - Super Jump - Boosted.
- This will let you jump very very high, same here - if you jump
too much you might end up dying in some rare cases depending
on where you land and at what speeds.
Number 8 - Super Speed/Sprint - Lite.
- This will increase the sprint and speed overall.Number 9 - Super Speed/Sprint - Boosted.
- This will increase the sprint and speed overall even more.
remember if you run too fast you might end up dying in some rare
cases depending on where what you run into and at what speeds.
Number 0 - Zombie Master.
- Enemies wont attack you no more.
Insert - One Hit Kills.
- This will let you kill most if not all with a single hit or shot.
Page Up - Bullet Time Matrix.
- This slows down all actions overall and will give you that
Matrix slowmotion effect.
Page Down - Insane mode.
- Everyone moves faster.
Numpad 1 - Rappid Fire.
- This will increase the rate of fire on all your guns / weapons.
Numpad 4 - Super accuracy / No Recoil.
- This will increase the accuracy and remove decrease the recoil
on most if not all guns / weapons.
Numpad 5 - Super Zoom.
- This lets you zoom in with any gun / weapon at a greater distance.
Numpad 0 - Store Position.
- This will store current position.
Numpad 2 - Teleport.
- This will let you teleport to currently stored position.
Numpad 3 - Undo Teleportion.
- This will let you undo current teleportation.
GAME Specific Notes!
Supported game versions: Steam and Retail v1.3.0 - Hotfix 3
Released 10 Sep 2011
Tested on Steam and Retail Version!
Updated 15 Dec 2011:
Updated to support latest game version - v1.3.0 - Hotfix 3 - All options have now been fixed and the trainer is fully working again :)
Important note for the paranoid Av users!
No there aint no virus or tojans in my trainers, if you have any Antivirus app that says it is -
id suggest you either check and learn on the internet about trainers/files in general being "packed/Encrypted" and alerts Av's falsely or throw that AV in the nearest recyclebin ;)
or dont use my trainers. simple huh
If this trainer dont work for your version use a different trainer that may work for you.
Trainer File Title:
Free Trainer
Trained By: LinGon
Thank you and Enjoy!
Please read the INFO for this trainer first! :)

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Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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