Descent 2 savegame editor

Descent 2 savegame editor

Descent 2 savegame editor

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D2SGED v1.2  by Matthew Mueller
you can now edit cloak and invuln! Woohoo!  To use them set their respective
bits on in the item inventory, and then set their start time to something
above the "total time" the ghigher above, the longer it lasts.  NOTE: I have
noticed stragness when setting invis too high, enemys will still think you
are invisible, but if you look at your self (with a guided missile) you will
be visible.
savegame editor for d2.  you may enter the name of the save game on the
command line, or the program will let you select it (easier).
this program is freeware.  distribute it at will, but please do not modify.
I am not responsible for any damage caused by the misuse of this program.
do not modify the "unknown" or "unused" bits or anything with any number of
stars before it unless you know what you are doing,  it could cause descent
to hang, or do other weird things.
please notify me at if you find any errors or missing


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