MYTH Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive +3 trainer



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Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive +3 trainer

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MtD! . .. ...Most Proudly Presents... .. . Desperados Trainer / +5 (Rip) Supplier...........: M_MyErS Protection..........: ******** Cracker............: M_MyErS Game Type...........: Shoot Packager...........: M_MyErS Game Rating.........: [*****-----] Release Date.......: 2000-03-05 # of Disks..........: 1x2.88 The Rip Of Desperados From Myth Game Notes ~~~~~~~~~~ F1 : Unlimited Health F2 : Unlimited Ammos F3 : Never Reload F4 : Get The Shotgun 1 F5 : Get The Shotgun 2 Installation & Rip Info ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just Unzip The Trainer In Your Game Directory. Run the trainer and press the next button and then start the game by pressing start. General Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For The Shotgun 1 and 2 You Have To Wait The Next scene for work ;) And One Personnal Greeting To Mettalica The Looser! Another Divine Intervention... DIVINE News & Information MORE CRACKERS AND SUPPLIERS WANTED! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DIVINE are still accepting a small ammount of new members into the Family. Check out the CONTACT SECTION further down in this nfo. NOTE: WE DONT NEED ANY COURIERS. DIVINE CD UPDATE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DIVINE offers THE BEST PRICING on QUALITY CD's. DIVINE is doing MONTHLY COMPILATIONS, and COLLECTIONS as well as FULL GAMES on CD(ISO), PSX CD's, DAT's and now also VIDEO CD's. For info on any of the above, write to DVNCD@DIVINEGODS.COM with your questions. For any other Divine related email use DIVINE@DIVINEGODS.COM WE ARE IN NO NEED OF ANY COURIERS DIVINE Members Airwalker, Arcanum, Ajax, Axen, Bighurt, Bud, Buller, Blackbull, Cadaber c0rle0ne, Daf, Danett, Data, Deature, Defjam, Dizzy, Dj-Saru, Drone Drone, Dumb, Emmiman, Einztein, Esjay, ***, Gandalf, Gllama, I- Ironhead, Jackz, Machv, Merlin, MoWaX, n0-body, Patriarch, PeeGee Quik, Redir, RenegadeX, r!sc, Slask, Specie, Stingray, Solar Spectator, Tadi, Tarq, TheDoc, Threat, The Tree of Life Vanisher, Willtc, WP, Znoopy, Zipe Cid, Crystal, Blink, Lordvader, Mrbrain Divine Divine FTP Sites ROC WORLD HQ EUROPE HQ VGN ASIA HQ EE USA HQ PR UK HQ PWH GERMAN HQ TWI US RHQ NUD EURO RHQ PD COURIER HQ AKS EAST. EURO HQ AR BBS HQ So, You're Interested in becoming a DIVINE Member. If you fall within ANY of the following categories, you might just be what we're looking for: ( All COSTS are reimbursed ofcourse! ) You live on the EAST COAST, have a fast connection and live near an ELECTRONICS BOUTIQUE, BABBAGE'S, BEST BUY or any other STORE that sells software AND you can be availblee daytime to supply. You are connected to ANY of following categories: DISTRIBUTOR, PUBLISHER, SOFTWARE COMPANY, STORE/SHOP, GAME MAGAZINE, SOFTWARE PUBLISHING HOUSE. You work in the HARDWARE INDUSTRY and can supply FREE GOOD HARDWARE of any type. You are running a SITE,BOARD or SHELLBOX, and you want DIVINE as affil. If YOU match Any of the above or have Questions contact us NOW! DIVINE@DIVINEGODS.COM How to Contact DIVINE Via E-Mail : DIVINE@DIVINEGODS.COM Via the WWW : WWW.DIVINEGODS.COM Via IRC : #DIVINE on EFNET NOTE: WE DO NOT MAIL OR FTP MISSING DISKS OF OUR RELEASES, SO DO NOT ASK. DIVINE Greets Personal Greets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Axen - Animal&Dawgie - Bud - Buller - Cadaber - Deature - Drone - Darkiso Eternity - G-Rom HempHood - LeChuck - Machv - Madboy - Merlijn Patriarch - Reader - RenegadeX - Shadseek - Solar - SonicWurst - Speccie StingRay - Znoopy - zIPE Group Greets ~~~~~~~~~~~~ F4CG - DVNVCD - FAIRLIGHT - LAXITY - X-FORCE - CLASS - RAZOR - RISC SLAC - PARADIME - PINNACLE - DOD - SHOCK - XPRESSION - POS "Dvn Now" This Trainer was downloaded from This trainer has been verified and it 'works'. If you find any difficulties please refer to the documentation that comes with the trainer (if there is any) or it must be due to the version differences of the game that was used for creating this trainer and the version you are using. --------------------------------------- Visit MegaGames at for the Finest Game Trainers, Hack, Editors collection on the Internet. ---------------------------------------

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