Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition v1.1 (+8 Trainer)

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition v1.1 (+8 Trainer)

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition v1.1 (+8 Trainer)

Text file description:

               P R E P A R E  T O  B E  U N L E A S H E D ! ! 
                  Devil May Cry 3 SE +8 TRAINER (c) Capcom
   Release Date  :  09-17-2006               ISO By       : Reloaded
   Release Type  :  TRAINER                  Game Genre   : Action
   Release Notes:
   This trainer is designed for version 1.1 cracked exe by asxdox.
       In-game hotkeys:
          F1: Infinite Health
          F2: One Hit Kill
          F3: Get 1000 Red Orbs
          F4: Super Speed
          F5: Enable Teleport System
              T: Save Postion
              L: Load Position
          F6: Slow Motion Enemies
          F7: Quick Level Up
          F8: Max Style Points
       F1 - Infinite Health
       This option will give you infinite health, no matter how many
       times you get hit. You won't die.
       F2 - One Hit Kill
       This option took me a little longer to get working completely.
       This option will kill all enemies with one hit. Just note I
       Included the end bosses also, but some needs to be killed a
       special way. Like you need to cut their heads off. The health
       bar from the enemie will be empty and makes them really weak.
       F3 - Get 1000 Orbs
       I see a lot of trainers which give you lots of gold or lots of
       anything which makes it really shit I think. When you save you
       Will keep that enormous amount of gold or anything. I decided
       to let you choose when to add a certain amount of orbs. Do it
       when playing a level since orbs get upgraded their.
       F4 - Super Speed
       This option will give you the ability to walk/ run really fast.
       F5 - Enable Teleport System
       This will enable a teleport system. You can use the following
       keys after that:
       T: This will save the position you are currently standing.
       L: This will restore the coords and make you teleport back
          too the place you just saved.
       F6 - Slow Motion Enemies
       This option will make enemies go really slow, it is easy to
       kill them now. On some levels in which you have to make sure
       you won't get hit this comes in very handy. Together with one
       hit kill will make it really easy to beat those bastards;)
       F7 - Max Style Points
       This option will give you the maximum amount of points so called
       style points. So when you hit an enemie you will get lot's of
       F8 - Quick Level up
       This option will make you level up really fast. Just kill a
       enemie and you will gain a new level. There are 3 levels to
       gain for all styles.
   Install Notes:
   1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
   2. You can run the trainer from anywhere you want like the
      desktop, Or place the trainer in the main dir and press Run Game.
      I recoded my source and now you can also press rungame from the desktop
      and follow the steps on your screen.
   Enjoy this trainer, stay tuned for more
   Note to  all  those lame webpages which benefit from  the scene, at least
   you can  respect our  work  and offer this  file as  it is. Do  not alter
   anything at all, nor don't remove the nfo or other files included.
   We do  this for fun  and definitely not  to  help webpages, who  get over
   100.000 of visitors a day, so they can make huge profit!
    Unleashed salutes all friends of the family, contacts and competition!
         " Someone has Unleashed the goats, prepare to be Unleashed "

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