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Diablo II v1.04 Stats Edit

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Game : Diablo 2 Game Version : v1.02/v1.03 Creator : PP E-mail : Date : 8/07/00 Trainer Version : v2.55 ------------------------------------------------- This is my first Diablo 2 trainer, and there are plenty more to come. This is only version 1 of many more. In the future, I plan to add a lot more cheats for each character. If you are interested in helping, please contact me via e-mail. This trainer is a special addition for my guild, the Order of Templar. There are plenty more special versions to come for this guild, with bigger and better cheats. Updates ------------- - Added 6 new cheats - Added Help and Info buttons - Added 6 new hotkeys - Added additional help: Buttons and tool tips - Added Character Modification How to use the trainer ---------------------------------- While in the game, press alt+tab. That should exit you back to windows, with the game still running. From there, open the trainer and push the button that you want to uses. You can also open the trainer before you play the game and run it in its system tray. Then, while in the game, you can press one of the hotkeys to activate one of the cheats. Character Modifications ------------------------------------- The character modification must be used IN THE GAME. The changes will not be made until you restart the game with that character. Within the next few versions, I will add a character modification that allows you to edit your character without being in the game. Suggestions or Comments? ------------------------------------------ If you need any additional help or you would like to leave a comment about this trainer, please e-mail me at, thank you. Some cheats may not be working, as they have not been perfected yet. If this has happend to you, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. Expect ALL of the cheats to be working fully in the next version of this trainer, as well as new ones. Note to all players ------------------- I present to you this trainer in trust that you will not use it in any kind of online game. Cheating against other players is really lame, and anyone that does it is even lamer. If you have to use cheats on the internet games, then you are definitly not worthy player for anyone to associate themselves with.This Trainer was downloaded from This trainer has been verified and it 'works'. If you find any difficulties please refer to the documentation that comes with the trainer (if there is any) or it must be due to the version differences of the game that was used for creating this trainer and the version you are using. --------------------------------------- Visit MegaGames at for the Finest Game Trainers, Hack, Editors collection on the Internet. ---------------------------------------

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