Dino quest trainer

Dino quest trainer

Dino quest trainer

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                  P    R    E    S    E    N    T    S
                          An Interactive Trainer for:
                           Dino Quest From Mind Play
                            Trained on: [08/24/93]
 Programming/Debugging: S/a.
 Some dang fool wanted a trainer for this one I wanted to see if my new
 trainer code actually worked, so here it is...
 Okay, due to a few "subtle" suggestions on the part of a few of my loyal fans
 I spent a few hours adding in some of the features I've been mumbling about
 add for a while now but just never got around to coding.
 Anyway, enough rambling, on with the show.  All the main features of the
 trainer work just like they used to.  I.e. during the game you can press the
 special keys and toggle/boost/etc certain items.  However, I've add a new
 pop-up "help" screen during the game.  When you press this key a screen of
 all the trainer keys/features is displayed plus some status information for
 some of the trainer items.  Just like during the game, you can press the
 trainer keys.  This "help" screen will serve to remind you of what the ****
 trainer functions/keys are and to help you see what functions are currently
 toggled on/off.
 This was actually quite easy to add and I'm sorry that I put off adding this
 feature to the trainers for so long.  Anyway...your probably wondering if
 this has any drawbacks?  Well, yes, it has one or two...the main drawback is
 that while the trainers used to take just over 2k of memory, they now take up
 about 13k of conventional memory.  (Yes we've heard that some trainers take
 up about 256 of XMS or EMS :)
 Any other drawbacks?  Well, to save the relevant information about the
 current video status I have to read the EGA/VGA ports...unfortunately most of
 the EGA ports aren't readable so if the screen restore mucks up it's probably
 because you have an EGA or an crap VGA card that doesn't support reading of
 the registers.
[ KEYS ]
       Key  Function
         1   Set meat to 5
         2   Set plants to 5
         3   Set Fuel to 5
         4   Toggle unlimited meat
         5   Toggle unlimited plants
         6   Toggle PC sound on/off
 Scroll Lock  Pop-up help screen on/off
 Just unzip this archive into whatever directory the game is in and run the
 "TRAINED" batch file and cheat to your hearts content.
 Umm...use keys 1-3 to boost certain items, use keys 4-5 to toggle unlimited
 Maybe I'm an idiot, but I couldn't find a way to turn off that **** annoying
 PC music.  Anyway, 6 will toggle PC speaker output on/off.
 Everyone who contributes something to the Pirate Community.
 Special greets to Groo The Wanderer who's finally getting off his duff and
 doing something.  Well, almost.  :)
 Cyber Cop...chat with ya some time.
 Special greets to Slider.
 Special greets to Mass Destruction, that nice fellow who's board I just
 accidentally crashed.  Argh.  Sorry about that.  Please don't kill me!
 I said I'm sorry!  Put away the knife!
 Well, a bit of shuffling of the sites/couriers etc went on recently, so
 please forgive any errors or omissions.  If your not on this list and think
 you should be then complain.  I might even fix it.  :)
 Well...Arc has "mysteriously vanished for religious reasons" for two weeks
 and EP will be down while Arc is on hiatus.  The WHQ is now Syncronicity.
 I've also been told that US2 is down due to the fact that TDP's computer just
 exploded in a ball of flames.  This probably isn't true, but heck, it's sure
 sounds like a cool rumor to start.  :)
                         The current DREAD members are:
                        Space Ace, Black Bird, Arc Angel
                        The current DREAD couriers are:
           Farpoint, The Dark Prophet, Black One, Death Certificate,
             Sudden Impact, Sir Psycho, Groo The Wanderer, Slider.
 <( D R E A D   S I T E S )>
  Board                    [A/C] Nodes Sysop              modem info
  ------------------------ ----- ----- ------------------ ----------------
  SYNCHRONICITY........... [WHQ] ..2.. Cyber Cop......... 14.4dual/14.4hst
  Renegade Legion......... [CHQ] ..3.. Rodimus........... 16.8 dual
  Alpha 2010.............. [UHQ] ..6.. Silus Guardian.... 16.8 dual
  The Flying Teapot....... [+44] ..2.. Hi.T.Moonweed..... 14.4 dual
  PHYSiCAL DAMAGE......... [604] ..1.. Bone Crusher...... 14.4 hst
  Lithium................. [313] ..4.. Acid.............. 14.4 dual
  Gravity's Pull.......... [604] ..2.. Lightening Hopkins 16.8 dual
  Fun Factory............. [+31] ..1.. Triple X.......... 14.4v32bis
            We are looking for a few people not as boring as we
            are...apply today!   :-)
 If you want to be a DREAD courier, supplier, member, or anything else just
 contact us on one of our sites.


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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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