Duke Nukem Forever (Unlocker)

Duke Nukem Forever (Unlocker)

Duke Nukem Forever (Unlocker) [ADHDerby]

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Duke Nukem Forever Unlocker
This file unlocks all chapters in the chapter selection screen.
All chapters are completed at "Damn, I'm good" (Insane Difficulty)
All achievements are achieved
All Ego Items are discovered
The Extras menu is unlocked
Razor 1911 version: It doesn't work with Razors release (uses another format)
Steam version: Disable Steam Cloud and copy progress.ini to "SteamUserdataUserNumber57900Remote"
Skidrow version Win Vista/7: Copy progress.ini to "%UserProfile%AppDataLocalSKIDROW57900Storage"
Skidrow XP: Copy progress.ini to "%UserProfile%Local SettingsApplication DataSKIDROW57900Storage"
Don't forget to make a backup of the original file!

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