Global Defender +3 trainer

Global Defender +3 trainer

Global Defender +3 trainer

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                         Reviewer's Guild Reviews
                            Global Defender +3
                            Release Information
  Release Type : Trainer                Reviewed By : -
  Release Date : August 23, 1998        Packaged By : Phire
                               Release Notes
  Here's a nice little trainer courtesy Phire. This lets you have unlimited
  ammo for all weapons. Be sure to check out our website
  to pick up any other cool trainers and to read our on-line reviews. Just
  Go there! :)
  TRG is proud to announce that we have started up a mailing list. The .txt
  portion of all reviews released, will be mailed to all those on the list,
  immediately after release. Great for those who run Linux, or anybody else
  looking to get a quick peak at the latest games! If you want to see screen
  shots from any of the reviews, you will still need to download the .ZIP
  review from any of our sites. To get included on the mailing list, just do
  the following:
    1) Email
    2) Write  'subscribe'  (without the ' please) in the BODY of the
       message. Write nothing else, just that one word.
    3) Sit back, and watch the reviews flow to your address! If you
       have questions, just mail us at:
  Its just that simple. So what are you waiting for, customer service is
  just an email away! A big thanks goes out to Darwin for his help!
                                  The Team
   Billy Madison - Brab - Cockroach - Cynarpse 6 - Exile - Freddy Krueger
  Gogolie - Highlander - Hermes - Madman - Jove - Ned - Nethead - Nic Zak
 Nilse - Pcfil - Phire - Prolix - Skateguy - Snipez - Speedy - Syko - Toast
 TraderX - Vex - Zhang - Heron - Imagine - Daxx - Concept - Gen98 - Trademark
                          And that crazy Simplex!
  * If you're not listed, and you think you should be, please contact c6 *
                            The Reviewer's Guild
                        Come visit us on the Web at:
        You can grab all our latest review at these sites for FREE!
    We have also setup a Public FTP site where you can download all the
                           reviews absolute FREE
          Address:   L: trg  P: trg     Port: 21
              L: trg  P: trg     Port: 812
              L: trg  P: trg     Port: 22
                        The Reviewer's Guild Greets
  Groups - Class, Hybrid, Paradigm, Razor 1911, and all other game groups
           who release reviewable software to keep us busy. A greet to all
           those at Scenelink and Defacto2 as well.
  Personal - To all our readers & supporters & our crew.
              Interested in helping out TRG? read below..
     TRG is always looking for support from our loyal fans out there!
     If you are a user, staff, or siteop on a FTP site, or BBS, you
     can SURELY help!  Simply ask or allow the site to carry TRG reviews!
     either allow it in your site, or make a /REVIEWS dir or confrence!
     You will not regret it! The downloaders of fine games, brought to
     you by today's pirate scene will benefit greatly from the new found
     Studies of top sites reveal that at least %20 of all users download
     TRG reviews!  Why wait? act NOW!
                              Help wanted ads:
          The Reviewers Guild is on the lookout for new members!  We
          are in the process of solidifying the group, so time is to
          act now!
         * If you are a FAN of a specific type of game: whether it be
           Turn based startegy, European football, chess, board games,
           Cricket, racing, etc, we need YOU to review for us!
         * If you are an UNBAISED (ie: not in any current games group)
           individual with GOOD english skills, you may apply for reviewing.
           there is a rather large waiting list, so only those on fast
           internet connections or experience will get special treatment.
           * note - fans of european games not need perfect english =)
         * If you are an artist, programmer, or anything else that can
           be of value to TRG, contact us!
  Contact Info - Email:
                 Irc: #TRG (Efnet)
                 or /Msg FKrueger
                                           Last updated: 05/25/98 by Simplex
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.


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