Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 trainer

Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 trainer

Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 trainer

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                             The Reviewer's Guild
                   Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 Trainer +3
                             Release Information
  Supplied By : TEAM TRG                 Release Type : Trainer +3
  Packaged By : `cyrus                   Number Of Disks : [xx/01]
  Cracked By :  TEAM TRG                 Release Date : [04/04/99]
                                Release Notes
   This trainer adds 3 options to GTA London 1969.  Just fire up GTA then
                       ALT-TAB out to start the trainer.
   The options are:
   [1] Unlimited Lives
   [2] Machine Gun and Unlimited Ammo (if you die switch weapons to choose)
   [3] Pistol and Unlimited Ammo (if you die switch weapons to choose)
                          *THE GAME HAS JUST BEGUN*
                                  The Team
     CompuAcid  Cyrus  Daxx  Dtoxr  FKrueger  Glen  Gogolie  Hades
       Highlander  Horde  Jaguar  Jove  Kruzin  Lothian  MagikCow
          Mud  Oliew  Phire PseudoNim  Rebellion  TraderX  Umax
                              WarJedi  Wongmo
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                                               Last updated: 04/01/99 by `cyrus
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.

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