Half Life 2 (Unlocker)

Half Life 2 (Unlocker)

Half Life 2 (Unlocker)

Text file description:

    REVELATiON PROUDLY PRESENTS:                     (c) E/ACL
       SUPPLIER : TEAM REVELATiON           RELASE DATE     : 11/16/2004
       PACKAGER : TEAM REVELATiON           NUMBER OF FiLES : 1 x 1 MB
       Unpack the included file into your Half Life 2 /cfg/ directory.
       This will give you access to all levels and make you choose your
       favorite one without playing thru them all.
       Now, use the "~" key while playing to bring up the console and
       enter the following codes there:
       NOTE: German users shoud add bind "" toggleconsole to the included
             cfg file in the release to get console commands to work.
       god - God mode
       give - Gives a weapon or an item (see the list below)
       buddha - Reduces your health
       hurtme # - Hurts the player (# is damage amount)
       impulse 101- All weapons
       impulse 82 - Spawns a jeep
       notarget - Player becomes hidden to NPCs
       noclip - Walk through walls (server side only)
       maps - Displays map list
       map - Load a specified map (see the list below)
       developer # - Sets developer mode to on/off/verbose
       (0-off, 1-on, 2-verbose)
       +mlook - Enables mouse look
       hud_quickhelp/text? 1 - Shows crosshair
       viewmodel_fov # - Sets the size of the weapon you're carrying
       (54 is default)
       exec - Execute a script file
       cl_drawhud 1 - Turns hud display on
       cl_enablehud 1 - Turns hud display on
       cl_showfps 1 - Shows frames per second in game
       npc_create - Creates an NPC (works in worlds that have an NPC entity)
       npc_create_aimed - Creates an NPC aiming away from the player.
       picker - Toggles 'picker' mode.
       setpos - Move player to specified origin (must have sv_cheats 1
       setang - Snap player eyes to specified pitch yaw (musthave sv_cheats).
       sv_gravity # - Set gravity to #
       sv_stopspeed # - Set minimum stopping speed when on ground to #
       sv_friction # - Sets world friction to #
       sv_bounce # - Sets bounce multiplier for physically simulated objects
       sv_maxvelocity # - Sets the maximum velocity of any moving object to #
       sv_waterdist # - Sets vertical view fixup when eyes are near water
                        plane to #
       air_density # - Changes the density of air to #
       dsp_explosion_effect_duration # - Sets length of confusion/ear-ringing
                                         effect to #
       prop_debug - Toggle bounding-boxes debug mode on/off (red - ignore
                    damage, white - respond to damage, green - health)
       sv_soundemitter_filecheck - Toggle reporting missing .wav files for
       mat_numtextureunits # - Limits the number of texture units to #
                       (0 - let the game decide how many texture units to use)
       mat_yuv 0 - ?
       -r_anamorphic 0
       -netgraph 3
       -width 1024 -height 768
       -heapsize 80000
       -dxlevel 90
       -shaderdll shader_nvfx_ps20.dll
       Map Names:
       d1_canals_01, d1_canals_02, d1_canals_end, d1_tempanals_02, d1_town_01,
       d1_town_02, d1_town_03, d1_town_04, d1_town_05, d1_trainstation_01,
       d1_trainstation_02, d1_trainstation_03, d1_trainstation_05, d1_under_01,
       d1_under_02, d1_under_03, d1_under_04, d2_coast_01, d2_coast_02,
       d2_coast_03, d2_coast_04, d2_coast_04_dx60, d2_coast_05, d2_coast_06,
       d2_coast_07, d2_coast_08, d2_prison_01, d2_prison_02, d2_prison_03,
       d2_prison_04, d2_prison_05, d3_c17_03, d3_c17_04, d3_c17_05, d3_c17_06a,
       d3_c17_06b, d3_c17_07
       Weapon Names:
       weapon_alyxgun, weapon_ar1, weapon_ar2, weapon_bugbait, weapon_cguard,
       weapon_crowbar, weapon_extinguisher, weapon_flaregun, weapon_frag,
       weapon_gauss, weapon_hopwire, weapon_iceaxe, weapon_physcannon,
       weapon_physgun, weapon_pistol, weapon_rpg, weapon_shotgun,
       weapon_smg1, weapon_smg2, weapon_stickylauncher, weapon_stunstick,
       weapon_thumper, weapon_sniperrifle, weapon_rollerwand, weapon_molotov,
       weapon_manhack, weapon_immolator, weapon_irifle, weapon_slam,
       weapon_hmg1, weapon_cubemap, weapon_binoculars, weapon_ml,
       Item names:
       item_box_buckshot, item_box_mrounds, item_box_sniper_rounds,
       item_box_srounds, item_healthkit, item_battery, item_suit,
       item_ml_grenade, item_ar2_grenade, item_healthvial
       Thanks to EMPORiO for their nice release, even thru it's not a valid
       scene release with original installer!!
       We're happy and it's gonna stay that way :)
       GREETiNGS TO:
       Everyone that contribute with something for the scene!!

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