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Hochstenbach Networkz
Far Cry (+12 Trainer)

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Far Cry (+12 Trainer)

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           ___________   ___________  ________/   ____________ _____
    +----- \_  _____ /___\__  _____/ -\_______  \__\___  /_   |/    / -+
    |      /  ___/  /    /    /       /    /    /     /   /  _/   _/   |
    |   __/   /   _/    /    /     __/  __/    /   __/   /       \_   |
    |       /_____    /    /          ______/_____    /_____    /   |
    +---   / ----   /   / ------   / ----------   / -----   / ---+
          /        /   /          /              /         / (nw!)
                  FairLight DOX Division Presents:
                          Far Cry Plus 12 Trainer
:   Cracked by:  N/A                  : :  Release Date: 03/19/04            :
   Packaged by: N/A                     # of Options: 12
   Type: [ ] Manual/Reference Card              Type: Trainer
         [ ] CD/Box Covers
         [ ] Walkthrough
         [ ] Strategy Guide
:         [X] Cheat/Trainer                                                :
:         [ ] Patch
   Number of archives: 1
     Trainer Options
    1)    H - Infinite Health
    2)    8 - Infinite Body Armour
    3)    9 - Infinite Stamina
    4)   F3 - Infinite Ammo/grenades etc.
    5)   F4 - Get Binoculars
    6)   F5 - Get Light
    7)    N - Lobotomize Enemy On       (see notes)
          M - Lobotomize Enemy Off
    8)  F10 - Weaken Enemies            (see notes)
    9)   F6 - Escape On                 (see notes)
         F7 - Escape Off
    10)  F8 - Speed Boost On            (see notes)
         F9 - Speed Boost Off
    11)   Z - Super Weapon Cycle        (see notes)
    12)  F1 - Fly On                    (see notes)
         F2 - Fly Off
     Trainer Options
   Lobotomize Enemy - This option will turn the enemy into idiots that slide
   around not doing 2 much else, they can still throw grenades but they end
   up blowing themselves up more than u so i left them the ability to throw
   nades for the simple fact its fucking funny to watch!!
   Weak Enemies - This option will enable u to kill all enemies very quickly
   indeed, 99% will die first shot unless they have some serious body armour
   on in which case it might take 2 or 3 shots.. unless u shoot them in the
   legs.. they will die instantly then. Its a bit shitty i know but 1 hit
   kill was an injection of about 130 bytes i already have no space left so i
   Escape - Another one of my fucking oddly named options that if u didnt get
   an explanation u wouldnt have a fucking clue what it does.. so here goes.
   When u are in the middle of a firefight or close to lots of enemies this
   option will transport u into the air where they cannot get u.. u can then
   use the CROUCH key to zoom back down to earth and shoot them.. then
   release the CROUCH key and BANG ur back in the air.. hence the ESCAPE bit
   USAGE: PAY ATTENTION.. the values manipulated arent used until u press the
   CROUCH key.. so.. this is what u do..
   1) PRESS the F6 key to enable Escape option.
   2) PRESS ur CROUCH KEY default is left CTRL
   3) Zoom into the air!!!
   5) REPEAT STEP 4 until all are dead.
   6) PRESS F7 to disable the option.
   8) ESCAPE disabled.
   Not sure why the values were tied to the crouch key but they were so just
   remember to follow the stops above.. its very simple.
   Speed Boost - This option does what it says.. u will be speed up A LOT!!
   so use it in intervals.. or when u need to get from one place to another..
   also u can use it for running up mountains or other surfaces too large to
   Super Weapon Cycle - Every now and then u come across an option that u are
   very proud of creating, this one has to be one of them.. :)) This not only
   cycles through all weapons available to u.. it cycles through all weapons
   in the game.. it cycles through the weapons mounted on vehicles..
   including the mortars the ships fire at u.. and the heavy heavy heavy
   machine guns on top of cars :))) again.. this needs a little usage
   This option cycles the weapon in the FIRST SLOT!!!
   1) Press Z to cycle weapon
   2) Swap weapons with the number buttons or the mouse wheel.
   3) Swap BACK to SLOT 1 with the number `1` key.
   4) repeat steps 1 2 and 3 until u find a weapon u like.
   OK!! when u cycle into weapons that are used by vehicles obviously there
   are no graphix for them.. so u wont see a HUGE mortar rocket in ur
   hand..it looks like u have no weapon at all.. but u can still fire, just
   fire once to see what kind of weapon u have.
   I suggest u use the ammo option at the same time or u have no ammo for ur
   new weapon.
   I coded a delay timer in there of about a second.. so its not THAT
   Fly - Another self explanatory option but needs a little usage
   explanation.. Again this option is using values only activated by the
   CROUCH KEY!!.. so u need to do this..
   1) Press F1 key to enable option.
   2) Press CROUCH KEY. ZOOM into the air.
   3) Fly around.
   4) When finished, Press F2 key to disable
   I suggest u have the infinite health option enabled or u will die when u
   hit the ground.. unless u land in some water :)
   I noticed maybe while ur using other options like fly etc ur health bar
   goes to 0.. this is just the GFX not being updated by the game.. ur health
   is always set to FFFFFF when u enable the option so dont worry.
 Greetings to our friends in groups such as:
              +-+  Kindest regards - FairLight DOX 2004 +-+

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