Midtown Madness 2 +1 trainer

Midtown Madness 2 +1 trainer
Midtown Madness 2 +1 trainer
Midtown Madness 2 +1 trainer
Midtown Madness 2 +1 trainer

Midtown Madness 2 +1 trainer

Text file description:

 .                                                                     .
 .              .
 :             :
 |   |
                               [ P r e s e n t s ]                   AB!DF2^SAC
               Midtown Madness 2 All Cars & Races Cheat (c) CLASS
  Released   : September 16th, 2000           :  Game Type  : Racing
  Protection :                                :  # of Disks : 1 * 2.88mb
                             [ G a m e   N o t e s ]
     Unpack and overwrite files in your game dir than select RA as driver
     on the main screen and all cars/races should be unlocked.
     Note: You should backup your Players dir before using this cheat.
                                                        - The Power of RA
                          [ I n s t a l l   N o t e s ]
     Read above.
               "CLASS games aren't supposed to work on MYTH systems,
              they are supposed to work for endusers without SoftIce"
     -<>    <    >
                      Dizzident - Garoto - Jaydee
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 We Welcome two new sites to our devotion Family You know what
 site those are already and If you don't join #SEiKOROX and ask JoeCamel
 about them.
 We also welcome nutcase to our Camel Herd . He single handedly stopped
 a RiSC member from bribing My DOG with Dog treats so he could trade
 for them.
 We are having a great year thanks to our hard working traders ,siteops
 and members . Rumours are that 2 groups will get together to make our
 life in sites much harder than it really is . This group will be
 dessigned to dethrone our little winning streak .
 RiSC and MnM are also talking about merging to dethrone IND as number
 5 group
                                                  - Garoto
   Well the way you contact us is not the same way you contact other
  groups, we won't offer you any hardware, bought shells, or money
  for your services. We work on the honesty of the scene, we like to
  believe there are some sort of morals and rules left in the scene,
  and that loyalty to groups still remains there. If you share those
  beliefs, go for it, contact one of our members and we will consider
  your membership, but if you fall into the category of couriers that
  require payment for their services please don't waste our time.
  We are looking for people who work hard, are loyal, and are looking
  for friends to share the few good moments of the warez scene.
  If you are like this, contact us, it will be a pleasure to talk
  to you :D
 Many thanks go out to Storm Trooper, Spy, Meter and Ipggi for doing
 such a great job on our web page!
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       d e v o t i o n . h q ! h a r v e s t . h q ! o x y g e n . w h q
                 p e n t i u m . f o r c e . t e a m . whq
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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