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Might and Magic 5 trainer

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                                Network Trainers
Fill out this order form and enclose your Registration fee(s) (Check or Money
Order.Cash is acceptable but the risk is up to you in mailing it.I Suggest no
amount greater than $10 cash).Make Payment out to DAVID JURY.Please Enclose
a BLANK 3.5" or 5.25" FORMATTED Diskette with a Self Addressed STAMPED Envelope
(S.A.S.E.) to :
                                   DAVID JURY
                                  P.O. BOX 658
    Please allow a maximum of 14 days for your Trainer(s) to arrive.
User Name :                            Sex :         Age :
Occupation :
Network ID,Email Address :
Home Address :
 Street -
 City   -
 State  -
 Zip    -
Phone Number : (  ) -    -
Trainer(s) you are Registering :       Amount Paid (Registration Fee) :
  Name :                              $  .
  Name :                              $  .
  Name :                              $  .
  Name :                              $  .
  Name :                              $  .
                                      Total $$ :
                                User Information
Where did you obtain the Trainer from (name of Network,BBS or other) ?
Why do you use Trainers?
What games would you really like to see Trainers for ?
Additional Comments ?
                          Thank you for your Support.
                  Might and Magic V : Darkside of Xeen V2.0
                             Author : David Jury
                             (c) 1993 David Jury
                                aka "Network"
                              THIS IS SHAREWARE!
 This specific Trainer,the Trainer engine designed by me,all the coding and
beta testing and user support are alot of hard work.It takes time and effort
(not to mention $$$) to do all this and make these kinds of products available
to users.If you use this product and enjoy it then Register it.Without user
support Shareware Authors give up,go broke,go COMMERICAL (OH NO NOT THAT!),
get divorced,start poking through trash barrels at the mall,gain weight,go bald
,get dandruff,have all their teeth fall out and all other forms of nasty things
like that.The game costs alot.Hint Books and Hint Lines cost more.I am asking
for your Support.Please read the REGISTER.NFO file.If you do not wish to
Register this product within 2 weeks of use then please Delete it.
 By Registering you will get a new Trainer devoid of the annoying Registration
pauses and messages.Also Registered users are entiltled to any updates or
bug fixes (JUST send a blank disk and S.A.S.E to me).And of course you will
be helping me to help you and others in the future.
 Now that I am done begging on with the show............................
                            A BIT OF A STORY FIRST
 The Trainer that was written by me LONG LONG ago was written on one of the
first copies of MM5 to hit store shelves.Unfortunatly since that time it seems
there have been some alterations to the main game files in the past few
generations of the game that cause the Trainer not to work.
 So if you didn't have one of the earlist copies exactly like mine then the
Trainer just wouldn't work because of small coding differences.Many many people
have had this problem so I am here to correct it as best I can.I thank the many
users who helped me track down this problem.Matters were made worse by a LACK
of customer support from....well I know who and that's all that matters.I guess
as long as they have our hard earned money giving us TRUTHFUL,HONEST and
HELPFUL information doesn't mean that much....especially if it means it could
actually HELP other owners of the game.(What a DREAD thought!)
 Anyway here's what myself and many users found out on their own :
 My Original Store bought Darkside of Xeen files :
 XEEN.EXE - 53,647 bytes     5-19-93
 XEEN.DAT - 154,658 bytes    5-19-93
 That's what the Trainer was written on.Now MANY users who could not get the
Trainer to work have this :
 INSTALL.EXE  - 21,876 bytes 12-23-93
 XEEN.EXE     - 53,681 bytes 5-25-93
 XEEN.DAT     - 153,921 bytes 6-1-93
 And last but not least of all New World Computing has a fix/patch called
NEWDARK.EXE on their BBS and in their AOL Support Library that self extracts
the following files :
 INSTALL.EXE   - 21,876 bytes 5-24-93
 XEEN.EXE      - 53,681 bytes 6-10-93
 XEEN.DAT      - 153,919 bytes 7-19-93
 Well what does all this mean to you and me?The important file is the XEEN.DAT.
That's where all the game code is that the Trainer uses to work its Magic.But,
if the XEEN.DAT file differs just a little bit in code or size then the Trainer
cannot find things where it expects them to be (even if they are just slightly
off).So the orignal Trainer didn't work on any of the other XEEN.DAT files.
 As you can see by dates the most recent XEEN.DAT is found in the update
available from NWC.I could not get a straight answer from NWC regarding the
different file sizes nor on how I could obtain any or all of the different
versions out there to help users having trouble with my utility.So I am forced
to go with what appears to be the most recent VERSION and most readily
 You MUST have the NEWDARK.EXE update or at the VERY least the XEEN.DAT file
that is exactly like the one this Trainer is written on or IT PROBABLY WILL NOT
WORK AT ALL.I am again sorry that there are so many different files floating
around.That's nothing to do with me.I just want to help people out.Once again
your XEEN.DAT file should be 153,919 bytes.(if it works on any others let me
know of course!).
 You can get NEWDARK.EXE from the New World Computing BBS at 1-818-889-5684.It
is also available on the America Online Network in the NWC Support Library.The
file is 235k and contains the XEEN.EXE,XEEN.DAT and INSTALL.EXE mentioned
above.I have also asked New World Computing on Compuserve to make available
to the users there in the GAMEPUB (GAMEPUB A under OTHER PUBLISHERS LIBRARY).
If you Register this Trainer I will gladly include the NEWDARK.EXE file with
your Registered copy.This is the best I can do.I am again sorry for all the
 Also for you CD-ROM users out there.I do not have a CD-ROM drive.It is my
guess that the CD-ROM version of MM5 is VERY different in some IMPORTANT ways
from the disk based version.Therefore I am quite sure this Trainer WILL NOT
WORK with the CD-ROM version.I do not own that version of the game and am very
sorry that I can offer no help to you at the moment.
                    *** ARE YOU SURE YOU READ THAT? ***
                             TRAINER V2.0 NOTES
 Well it was a long time coming but I have finally had some free time to re-
code this Trainer.I have learned a few things since this was first written and
hopefully this new version will solve the problems of the previous one.At the
very least the BIOS related problem of the Trainer not activating should be
fixed.I am sorry I cannot offer the ULTIMATE solution of an I/O patch as I have
in other games recently.This is due to the compression technology that New
World Computing uses on their files.This does not allow direct changes to their
files in compressed form without severally altering the other contents of the
 What is Changed : Written on latest Trainer Engine V2.0,New NON BIOS dependant
code for I/O of Trainer,Improved layout of Trainer function keys,altering of
some Trainer functions for better usage,removal of buggy functions (Toggle
ALL Quest Items).The Quest items toggle was removed after it was discovered
that there is no way that a Party in the Normal course of the game could obtain
ALL of the Quest items.By giving the Party ALL quest items numerous bugs came
to life worst of which being game crashes.It is now gone.I also felt that this
was just TOO much of a cheat.The game could be finished VERY rapidly in this
 I have also tested this new version on the FULL Worlds of Xeen and found no
problems at all.Worlds of Xeen just adds extra data and makes no changes that
will affect the Trainer nor the way it functions.It should work the same with
Darkside alone or Worlds of Xeen.
 I hope that this version solves all the problems so many people have had.I
thank you for all of your input and patience in waiting for this.I don't have
much choice in how fast I can get to things.Happy Training.....
                                 THE TRAINER :
 What is a Trainer?It's an Interactive Utility that "Hides" in memory and
allows you to get the "Upper Hand" in those often too-Tough Games.It may
even,in some cases,make the game more challenging for you "True" gameplayers.
In either case it is my hope to enhance the Enjoyment of playing these games
through the use of my utilities.
 The Trainer (Either Loader-TSR or TSR) loads itself into memory and interfaces
itself into the Game Code.Once the game is running you can access the Trainer
via "Hot-Key" Trainer Functions that will alter the Game Data/Code in memory
as it is running.These functions allow you to alter the "Rules" of the game to
,hopefully,allow you to enjoy it even more.
                              HOW TO : (TRAINER)
 Copy or Unzip the Trainer files into your Might and Magic V Darkside of Xeen
or Worlds of Xeen game directory.From that directory type MM5TRNR to load up
the Trainer.You will see an opening screen followed by another screen that will
remind you of the various Trainer functions available to you during Gameplay.
Press any key from this screen and Might and Magic V will be loaded for you by
the Trainer.The Trainer becomes "active" after the opening animation sequence.
    During the game use the following Key Combinations to your advantage :
(Note : When the word GREY is used it is used to describe the GREY Colored
keys (on most systems) such as the keys around the Number Pad and keys like
NUM LOCK - By pressing this Key you will give each Character in your Party
           ULTIMATE stats of 255 for Might,Intelligence,Personality,Endurance,
           Speed,Accuracy and Luck.Press this key as foten as you need if these
           stas drop for any reason.
SCROLL LOCK - Press this key and all of the Party members will be raised to
              Level 50.
CAPSLOCK - Upon pressing this key all of the Characters will obtain all the
           Skills available in the game to Characters.Now you won't have to
           waste Gold learning these.
F7       - Press the F7 Key once and all Character's will have Unlimited Hit
           Points.Their HP will not decrease.Press this key again and it will
           be restored to normal game function.
F8       - Press the F7 Key once and all Character's will have Unlimited
           Spell Points.When Characters cast Spells the number of SP available
           won't decrease.Press it again and it returns to normal.
.        - Press this key and the Party will get 500,000 Gold.It won't ADD that
           amount to your total it will just give it to you no matter what you
           already have.If you want to build on this amount find a Bank and
           keep toggling this and depositing Gold till you drop.
,        - Press this Key and it will ADD 5000 to the current total of Gems the
           Party has.(it will roll over back to zero after 65,000 or so)
'        - When you press this key it will add 256 Food to the Party Total.As
           the above function it rolls back to zero after 65,000.
(on the Following keys 'GREY' refers to the GREY colored keys found above and
around the Number Pad Key on most Keyboards)
GREY PLUS   - (+) Press this Key and every member of the Party will have their
              Condition restored to GOOD no matter what awful,evil,dirty,nasty
              thing has happened to them (Death,Disease,Poison etc etc).
GREY MINUS  - (-) Press this Key once and your Party will be in SUPER COMBAT
              Mode.From now on every member of the Party will ALWAYS Hit
              Enemies and ALWAYS Kill them with ONE BLOW.Press this key again
              and this function will be OFF.
GREY ASTERIK - (*) When you press this key each member of the Party (that is
               a Spellcaster) will get ALL the available Spells that they
               would have for their respective Class.
GREY BACKSLASH - (/) When you press this key each Party Member will have SUPER
                 Resistance to Attacks.(100 for each type).
3        - Pressing this key combination puts the Party in "Unlimited Movement
           Mode".This mode allows the Party to pass through any solid objects
           including Mountains,Castles,Walls,Doors,Gates and Secret Doors among
           other things.(See CAUTION note Below!).Press this key combination
           again and the Party will move around normally.
4        - Press this key combination once and all Magic Items with charges
           will now have Unlimited Charges.Use a Magic Wand,Rod,Staff or
           whatever as long as you like and the Charges will not Decrease.Press
           this combo again and it will turn this function OFF.
5        - Press this key once and you will activate the "Weapon Item Editor"
           for the FIRST character(see notes on Item Editing BELOW!).Press it
           again or any other Inventory Editor key and it gets turned OFF.
6        - Press this key combo and you will activate the "Armor Item Editor".
           Press again to turn it OFF.
7        - Press this key combo once and you will activate the "Accessory Item
           Editor".Press it again to deactivate it.
8        - Pressing this key combo will activate the "Misc. Item Editor".Press
           it again to deactivate it.
(The Following Keys are used ONLY when one of the above four Inventory Editing
are ACTIVE!)
UP ARROW      - Press this and it will make changes to the Item or Item
                Attribute(s) by going to the next thing (Item or Attribute)
                on the Item List.
DOWN ARROW    - Press this and it will make changes to the Item or Item
                Attribute(s) by going to the next thing (Item or Attribute
                on the Item List.
J             - Press this key and you will now select (and be Editing) the
                FIRST attribute of the current Item.The FIRST attribute is
                the attribute (Burning,Cold,Freezing etc.) to the LEFT of the
                Item (except for MISC items where it is the attribute to the
K             - Press this key and you will now select (and be Editing) the
                SECOND attribute of the current Item.The SECOND attribute
                is to the RIGHT (except in the case of MISC items where it
                is the number of Charges for Magical Items) of the Item.
L             - Press this key and you will be editing JUST the Item again.
Left Bracket  - ([) Press this key and you will be editing the next Item
                DOWN in your Inventory.It will not let you pass the ninth
                item.It will simply continue to edit the Ninth until you
                go back.
Right Bracket - (]) Press this key and you will be editing the next Item UP
                in your Inventory.When you get to the first Item it will
                simply continue to edit the first Item until you select
                the next item DOWN.
 When you press one of the Item Edit functions (5-8) you will now be using JUST
the above keys ([,],J,K,L,Up Arrow Down Arrow) to manipulate the item(s)
specified by the specific function (I.e. you press 5 and you will be only
making changes to the first player's Wepaons).If you press that same function
again it will turn OFF the above special key functions.Also if you select
another Function while you are in another the first one is turned off and all
changes are now made to the newly selected function.
 An example is probably best because this is a bit complicated but once you
get used to it you can easily select whatever you want with ease.
 Say you want to get a really nifty sword and your current run of the mill
sword just won't cut it (I couldn't resist).Go into the first Character's
Inventory (The First Member of the Party that is) and go to Items then
select that player's Weapon Inventory.Press the number 5 to turn on the Weapon
Item Trainer (you'll here a happy little beep of course).Now you can use the
functions mentioned just above.If you already have a Sword in position #1
and want to keep it then we will start at position #2 in the Weapons Inventory.
Just press the ] bracket key once.The Trainer is now looking at slot #2.
 To make a change Press the Up Arrow key.Now as in other parts of this Trainer
the changes don't update to the Screen until you do something else.So just
just hit or click on the Wepaon Icon again to update the Screen and you will
see that a Weapon has appeared in Slot #2.You can keep hitting Up Arrow or Down
Arrow to scroll thorugh all the available Weapons.
 Don't go past the point where you see a blank space appear for the Weapon.A
Blank Space indicates the end of a particular Item TYPE.Sometimes it will
say Bogus as well.If you keep selecting items past that point you will get
Armor in your Weapons Inventory and really make a mess (it can be fun though
attacking with Ring Mail!)
 Okay So let's say you scroll through a few (always updating the screen after
each Trainer choice though...remember) and decide on a nice Scimitar.Now you
want to make it fancy.Well press J and now when you press the Up and Down
Arrow keys you are editing the First Attribute which for most items is a
somewhat Magical Property like Freezing,Flaming,Smoking etc etc.
 When you are satisfied...let's say a Blazing Scimitar now.You can add more
by changing the Second Atribute (which is now the description to the Right
of the Item).So press K and you will be editing that one.Scroll to select
perhaps Undead Eater or maybe Monster Basher.Congrats now you have a
Blazing Scimitar Monster Basher!
 That is the basic jist.Select what you want to edit (1st or 2nd attribute
or the Item itself) then use the Up and Down arrow to make changes and use the
[ ] to decide what inventory slot you want to make changes at or add (up to 9).
 In some cases like Armor or Accessories the item will only have 1 attribute.
You may select K and nothing will happen or J and nothing will happpen.Don't
 As for Magical Items (the last Inventory category) the 2nd attribute (K) is
the # of Charges the item has.
IMPORTANT! Be sure to Turn off each Item Editor (5-8) after you are
done with it.If you are using the Armor Editor and the switch to the Weapon
Editor the Trainer WILL Turn the Armor Editor OFF automatically for you BUT
when you return to the game itself the last Editor Turned ON will stay ON
unless you shut it OFF.So be sure to Turn it OFF before you go back to the
game so you don't press the wrong keys and end up Editing Items instead of
doing something else.
ALSO IMPORTANT! I suppose you are wondering how to Edit Items of the OTHER
Party members?Well if you haven't already figured it out all you have to
do is Swap positions.The way the editor works is on the First Member of the
Party (becasue it would have been WAY to complex to do it Member by Member)
but all you have to do is cycle all the Party Members you want to Edit Items
on through that First Slot.
SORTOFIMPORTANT! The Editor doesn't have to many boundaries.You can create
Unique Item Combinations.The game is semi-stupid in that if it sees
"Something" in the Magic Item Inventory it will think it is a Magic Item no
matter how silly it is.Like say a Freezing Magic Shoe of Fireballs with 40
 By the way if an Item of yours that you really love becomes Cursed or Broken,
Simply go into the correct Editor,Select to the Slot # of the Item and Edit
the First or Second Attribute until it goes back to what you want it to be.
NOTE CAUTION! : (Unlimited Movement Mode)
 When using the Unlimited Movement Mode you can can walk right off the "Normal"
edge of the map.When this happens in a Tower you will simply fall to the
ground (resulting in ALOT of Damage if you aren't using some of the Trainer
functions!).When on a flat "plane" in space ("Plane" basically referring to
an unborken horizontal surface that you can travel indefinatly in any
direction.) and you pass the normal borders of the map (usually 30x30 squares
) you will eventually "Warp" back around to the orginal Map if you travel in
a constant direction long enough.The problem with this is the game is just
redisplaying the map but NOT updating the map info.This means that if you
wander of the screen heading,say North,and eventually come upon the original
map of the area you left it may "look" the same but NOTHING actually is there.
It is just a Visual representation.To get back to the "real" map just Travel
back the way you came.
 My basic advise is to avoid leaving the 30x30 area.There's probably more havoc
to be had than any fun out of exploring the "un-World".
 On most of the Trainer Functions that affect Character Stats you will NOT see
an INSTANT change on the screen.It has been changed in Memory and will appear
on the Screen the next time it is updated (I.E. Re-click on a specifc
Character's Stats,Spells,Skills etc and the changes will appear.)
 Regarding the Condition Trainer Function that allows you to return ALL Party
Members to a GOOD Condition : When you press the Trainer key (GREY MINUS)
to fix the Party's Condition it makes all the changes in Memory.Unfortunatly
the Character's visual "Face" will still reflect what AILS them (I.e. Puffed
up face for Disease,Poison,RIP for dead etc etc.) until the game updates the
Character "Face" again.This does not happen instantly but don't panic.A glance
at the Character Stat screen will show a GOOD (or better if certain Spells
are running) and your "seemingly" Dead,Poisoned,Diseased,Insane,etc Party
Members will function just fine.
 Also remember to Turn All the Item Editors OFF before returning to the Game.I
usually forget and then when I go to move with the Up and Down Arrow am
greated by the good ol' Trainer Beep until I turn off the Editor I forgot to.
                           OTHER TRAINER FUNCTIONS :
 To manipulate the Keybeep the PC Speaker makes on Trainer Functions :
F11 - Press F11 for a Higher pitched keypress feedback.
F12 - Press F12 for a Lower pitched keypress feedback.
DEL - Toggle ON/OFF the keypress feedback from the PC Speaker.
 For some reason or another you may want to disable the Trainer during gameplay.
Perhaps you are showing off to someone and don't want them to know you are
cheating? or maybe there are some Trainer functions that overlap with a
specific game key (like the 1-8 keys are Trainer functions but to Load or Save
a game you need to press 1-8 but DON'T want to turn a Trainer function ON).Well
just press this key :
ACCENT (`) - This turns the Trainer OFF.You will be given a double beep when
             this occurs.Press this key once more and the Trainer will be back
 Press these keys any time or as many times as needed to get the desired
effect.Also note that for Trainer functions that Toggle ON/OFF the ON keypress
will always be a LOW pitch then a HIGHER pitched tone and the OFF will be
the reverse (a HIGH pitched tone with and immediate LOWER pitched tone).
                               OTHER TRAINERS :
    Ultima Underworlds 2 (PRE-Patch)       Ultima Underworlds 2 (POST-Patch)
    Flashback (U.S./SSI Version)           Prince of Persia 2 (V1.0)
    Lands of Lore (V1.0)                   Lands of Lore (V1.1a)
    Wing Commander Academy                 Might and Magic IV
    Might and Magic V                      Magic Pockets
    Imperial Pursuit (Final V1.1a)         Lemmings 2
    Space Hulk                             Terminator 2029
    Terminator 2029:Operation Scourge      Dune 2 V1.0
    Dune 2 V1.07                           Dark Sun (Original)
    Darksun (Final Battle Fix #1)          Xwing Fighter
    Bwing Add-on for Xwing
 You can find Network Trainers on Compuserve (GO FSFORUM or GO GAMERS and look
in the appropriate Library),America Online (Game Hints Library) and on the
Software Creations BBS "Home of the Authors" (508-365-2359 1200/2400bps V.42/
MNP,508-368-4137 2400-14.4k HST US ROBOTICS,2400-16.8K V.32/V.42bis USR)
                                   WRAP UP :
 If you have any problems with the Trainer PLEASE read the ERROR.NFO file
for more instructions.Send Questions/Comments to :
                               Prodigy ID#BGRB28C
                            Compuserve ID#71052,1742
                           America Online ID=Network1
                 Internet Mail to : 71052.1742@Compuserve.com
 Please!If you are on America Online don't send me Internet Mail on Compuserve!
I WILL reply to your messages addressed to NETWORK1 on AOL.
 For ANY distribution of this work in MASS for on MEDIA or PRINT for profit
or other you MUST contact the Author (me) for permission.This includes being
copied and sold for profit or distribution fee via mail,person,book,magazine
,catalog,etc.I encourage this sort of thing but only if I am contacted and
permission is granted to do so.
 If you have any other questions or comments and cannot reach me at any of the
above mentioned EMAIL locations,want to give me gobs of money because you love
my work so much,want to feature my work in a magazine or shareware collection,
want to give me a salary job writing trainers and cheats or send me on a round
trip all expense paid vacation to Hawaii then by all means write me at :
                                  DAVID JURY
                                 P.O. BOX 658
             Trainer Engine Design and Code (c) 1993 by David Jury
                  Trainer Module Code for (c) 1993 David Jury
                       Might and Magic : Darkside of Xeen
         (c)1993,Might and Magic is a registered trademark of New World
         Computing,Inc.,New World Computing is a trademark of New World

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